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Things to Know About a Personal Injury Claim


Personal injury claims are legal disputes that arise when an individual suffers physical injury caused by another person’s negligence or entity that may have resulted in mental or emotional trauma, pain, and suffering. The person responsible for the negligence can be held accountable for paying medical bills, wage loss due to days off from work, compensation for the pain, and other emotional damages suffered. Most personal injury claims are filed due to road traffic accidents, including motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and premises liability cases. (1)

The Procedure of Personal Injury Claims:

A personal injury claim is filed by a personal injury attorney representing you at the court. It is always essential to hire an experienced attorney to have a quick and successful result. The claims are filed with the insurance carrier for the individual at fault. However, in cases where an individual at fault has no or limited insurance coverage to compensate for the damages, the affected person may file a claim against the uninsured or underinsured motorist portion of their own auto insurance policy. For this to happen, the person needs to have their uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in effect at the time of the accident.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney:

While claiming for personal injury, the victims need to prepare, manage and submit all the necessary evidence and paperwork despite their vulnerable or disabled state. Therefore, it is in their utmost favor to hire a capable and experienced personal injury attorney who can file their case efficiently and in their best interests, releasing their stress to heal peacefully. Affected parties should not contact the insurance services or their representatives directly. The financial interests of insurance companies are in complete contrast to that of the victim; hence even a little manhandling due to lack of experience can lead to the victim losing their settlement. “From a neutral position, your attorney will be capable of stating your case objectively, ensuring your claim is valid, viable, and credible to maximize your chances of favorable settlements. The insurance company is often looking for opportunities to get out of paying the compensation or minimize it,” comments personal injury lawyer Felix Gonzalez.

Personal Injury Attorney maximizes the favors of Victims.

Often insurance companies seek to minimize the amount of compensation claimed by the affected person by either denying the claim or refusing to pay the damage; a personal injury attorney has the training and experience to plead the case in a way that results in the maximum benefit the victim.

Choosing to file the case on your own can be an error, as self-representation makes the case look weak.  The victim may receive faster and more comprehensive medical treatment with a personal injury attorney’s legal guidance. They also can help you guarantee the best possible care in the future. Should your case be unable to reach a fair settlement, your lawyer has the training and knowledge on how to turn the outcomes in your favor by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury claims are settled without litigation if handled wisely by a personal injury attorney. (2)