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This Is How You Let Go Of Someone You Never Thought You’d Part Ways With


Letting go of someone you thought you were going to be with forever is undoubtedly hard and painful. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary.

Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Because what’s the point in being with someone if instead of making you happy and fulfilled, they make you suffer?

What’s the point in staying in a relationship that instead of providing you with happiness, joy, fulfillment, and tranquility, it makes you feel frustrated and lonely?

What’s the point in choosing someone who’s stopped choosing you a long time ago?

It hurts to admit this to yourself, but sometimes, the only person you need to choose is yourself.

You fought with every fiber of your being for your relationship. You searched through every memory you have with them looking for reasons why you should still stay. But you couldn’t find any reason.

But this is what happens when the person you thought you’d never part ways with has stopped choosing you a long time ago.

This is what happens when the person you gave your all doesn’t want to fight for you.

So, maybe it’s time for you to raise your white flag, gather some strength, and bid them farewell.

Because the ugly truth is that they were waiting for you to do that anyway.

And, please, don’t blame yourself for letting go of them. Because it’s okay to walk away when there’s nothing left to hold on to.

It’s okay to stop fighting for someone when you know you have exhausted all ways of saving your relationship.

It’s okay to look for your happiness in another place and walk away from one that kills your happiness, causes you pain, and keeps you in darkness.

It’s okay to collect the pieces of your broken heart, put them back together, and move forward.

It’s okay to let go of them and move on.

It’s okay to do all this, even though it’s painful and your heart will ache and your soul will weep long after you’ve let go of them.

I know, your wounds are still fresh and this is too much for you to take. Sadness, frustration, and anger are all that you can feel right now.

But grieve and be angry as you need. Cry and shout as much as you want. Feel the taste of pain. Let your wounds bleed. You don’t need to explain why you’re feeling or acting this way to anyone.

You don’t need anyone to tell you some “words of wisdom” or sugar coat the ugly truth for you. You don’t need anyone to give you false hopes.

All you need is yourself.

So, look deep down into your soul. There, you’ll find your strength.  Your hope.

Give yourself time to heal and do everything in your power to accept what life has thrown your way.

Remember that what you’re going through is just a phase and it’ll be all over soon.

You’ll get through it.

Remember that what you’re going through is just a chapter of the story you’re writing. It’s just one more bump on the journey called life.

And as you move along this journey, embrace the lessons and the good experiences and leave the bad ones behind.

Fight to survive.

Survive for the great stories you still have to write. The stories you’ll write with those who truly care about you and deserve your love.

Don’t hold grudges against the person who broke your heart and shattered your hopes. Don’t carry resentment or hate within yourself.

Let it all go.

Let them go.