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How To Find The Courage To Leave A Relationship When There Is Nothing Left

how to leave a relationship when you have nothing

Do you feel like you’re not living your life but you’re just a random passenger? You continue to hold on to people because you’re afraid that if you let go of them, you’ll end up broken-hearted and alone. You’re scared that without them you’ll be nothing and won’t be able to love again.

How to leave a relationship when you have nothing left?

Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of courage to leave your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse -the person you’ve spent so many years with and devoted all your love, energy, and time to. But sometimes you have to know when it’s time to break free and that’s the only right thing to do.

Imagining your life without that person can be unthinkable and unbearable. Yet, what can be even more unimaginable and painful than leaving them is staying with them. To continue living your life like this means living like a bird in a cage. You feel unable to feel freedom and joy, to have new experiences, to love and be loved. Sometimes, you have to know when it’s time to turn the page and leave.

Leaving your partner, who you once thought to be your soulmate, isn’t a selfish act. By leaving them, you don’t give up on the love you feel for them but the relationship only. You don’t leave them because you don’t care about them or their feelings, but because you’ve learned that by taking care of and worrying about them so much, you lost track of yourself. You lost track of who you really are, of what you need and want in life.

Don’t let your fear of being alone paralyze you. Don’t think that you have to stay in the relationship or marriage with your partner just because you made a promise once. If you’re afraid that your leaving will hurt their feelings or yours, trust me, it’ll hurt both of you even more if you let this agony, i.e. false life continue.

One common reason why many people decide to stay with their partner or spouse is that they’re afraid of breaking the social norms. They fear what other people will say. They don’t want others to believe or say they’re cheaters or unstable and immoral people.

Yet, you must remember you’re not a ghost. You’re not a shade. You have needs, wishes, and feelings too. Don’t allow yourself to neglect or forget about them in order to act and live your life the way others expect you to. Why should you insist on living your life in line with the expectations of someone who doesn’t know anything about you, who is unaware of your thoughts, emotions, and problems?

Don’t allow yourself to make all sorts of compromises in your relationship so as to keep your image in society untarnished. Don’t let these compromises make you change or forget about your own expectations and wishes.

Another reason why many fear to leave their partner is that those who are married are afraid they’ll suffer financially and won’t know how to cope as a single parent. Yeah, this is something which deserves all the worries in the world. But wouldn’t it be more painful and damaging to all family members if they live in a community where everything is done as a routine and without affection and genuine emotions?

Remember that it needs two people to make a relationship meaningful, deep, and last a lifetime. You can’t fix the things that aren’t working well in your relationship on your own or by trying to change yourself.

I admire those who decide to leave when there’s nothing left to make them stay. Although this is really painful for them, they still do it.

Find the courage and strength within yourself to tell yourself and others that it’s time you moved on. Listen to your inner voice telling you there isn’t anything left for you to hold on to it.

When you break yourself free from the relationship that makes you feel as if you’re trapped in a cage, you stop feeling empty- you find a purpose to live. You have a vision of what your life can be. You see what you really need and want and decide what your priorities are.

When you break loose, you become true to yourself. You start treating yourself with respect and you also love, respect, and are more helpful to the others surrounding you. You let other people in your life, some of them can offer you warmth, love, and passion- the things you longed for so long. You learn life isn’t empty and it has a meaning.

Some tough decisions can turn your life upside down, but it’ll be all worth it at the end!

How To Find The Courage To Leave A Relationship When There Is Nothing Left