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This Is Why Being In A Relationship Is Too Hard For Someone Who Overthinks


Life is hard and challenging enough as it is. But, if you add a loud and anxious mind to that combination, it becomes completely unbearable to keep moving forward.

This is something that most of you might not understand, but it is also something that I believe will speak to some of you.

The ones who are usually misunderstood by the crowd. The people who are afraid to freely express their fears and unreasonable emotions. The ones who have a white noise inside their heads. The people who’ve spent their lives fighting battles with their thoughts.

The overthinkers.

Overthinking is a serious condition. And it is one of the most common reasons why some relationships collapse. But the people who struggle with their chaotic minds and confusing thoughts cannot really help themselves, no matter how hard they try. If you could somehow put yourself into their shoes for a while, you would immediately realize that anxiety is not a joke.

Overthinking is setting yourself on fire, but also being the only person who owns a fire extinguisher.

Overthinking is like drowning in the ocean without having someone around to help us.

Overthinking is avoiding the STOP signs and running in a dark opposite direction.

It is your mind playing a trick on you. Your senses manipulating you. Your logic abandoning you. Your self-confidence fading away. Your gut instinct failing you.

Having a loud, anxious and chaotic mind means paying attention to every little thing, every move, every change, every eye-roll and every tap on the floor. It is picking up things that we shouldn’t. It is perceiving something through a completely different perspective, one that is not even realistic most of the time.

In a nutshell, overthinking is holding on to what-ifs instead of living freely.

Naturally, if you haven’t dealt with this, you probably cannot even imagine what it feels like inside the minds of these people.

Life as a completely unpredictable experience is already too much for them to handle. But the greatest challenge these people face is being in a relationship.

It is not that they cannot love another person. It’s not that they have no feelings inside their hearts. These people love from the bottom of their hearts, but at the same time, they are terrified. They are afraid that their love might push you away. They are afraid that their unconditional devotion will be too much for you. They are afraid that their vulnerability will show you their weaknesses.

And so, they overthink. The second these thoughts cross their mind, they completely lose themselves. Suddenly they cannot think straight, they cannot focus on the big picture and they simply cannot get a hold of themselves. They no longer have control over their minds. Their thoughts are holding them as hostages.

They cannot find a way to their hearts. They can’t seem to remember that their mind is only playing tricks on them. That nothing they actually feared is real.

But that’s when you come into the picture. That’s why it is so important for you to understand their peculiar nature and their paranoia. Because there will be times when they will feel so weak that they won’t be able to pick themselves from the ground and move on. They will need you to be there for them and wake them up from their nightmarish dream.

I know that this sound like a lot of effort. And I know that these people are really difficult to love. But, underneath that confusing and paranoid exterior, lies a fragile heart that loves and wants to be loved fiercely. Believe me.

At the end of the day, overthinking means overloving.