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Tiktok Promotion: the rules


Increasing Tiktok for a fee is an opportunity to rise in the rating if your content is interesting, but there is not enough activity on your account. The main tools for such promotion are likes, views and subscribers. Why is it necessary for a beginner or actively promoting account:

  • so that your videos get maximum reach, so that there are many views, be in the recommendations, get subscribers;
  •  to promote a specific video by being included in the recommendations with it (do not forget that the recommendations depend on the region);
  •  to be able to compete with those accounts that are much more popular than yours (this is impossible without cheating).

The process goes like this. First, the video gets additional likes, after which the social network starts to rate it higher. When a video has proven successful, it gets featured. Now it can be seen by a huge number of people who previously did not have such an opportunity.

The more people watch the video, the more views and likes it will have. When a lot of people watch and like your video, it becomes social proof. People see what others like. They also like to like it. Someone subscribes. You get into recommendations for these users when you upload the following videos.

It is very important here that the content is really high quality. If the videos are not very interesting, then the views will not be supported by likes, and the effect of promotion will quickly fade away. Therefore, it is almost impossible to wind up tick tock fans if the content is boring. And for interesting accounts, some promotion costs will pay off and give an excellent exhaust.

Followers are also an important part of popularity in tiktok. It is possible to wind up a Tiktok current quickly and with live users, for this you need to buy subscribers. You can do this even without registering for special services. Just enter your account and the service starts working.

Usually, if a decision is made to wind up a tiktok, then all measures are carried out in a complex. Otherwise, it turns out strange, and users will notice it. If there are thousands of views, but there are almost no subscriptions, this is suspicious. As well as the opposite, with a huge number of subscriptions, there are no views and likes.

The TikTok social network itself uses the word “fans” for subscribers. The meaning does not change from this, we are talking about users who are interested in your content. They will watch videos, put likes, fueling the development of your account. Thanks to them, videos appear in the recommendations section and among other users.

If you have just created a Tiktok current, then winding it up at this stage can be very important. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will start making interesting videos that will go unnoticed by the target audience. At events like this, it’s easy to get confused and stop posting content. In Tiktok, in order to prevent the rating from sinking, it is better to order a promotion through a special service for a fee. Such a site will attract subscriptions, likes and views in real time. This is usually quite cheap, and if you order the service for a fee, then no assignments. You just create an order, pay and get the result, just like in a store.

How to wind up Tiktok safely

If you decide to wind up the Tiktok current, then the question of safety arises. All social networks, no matter how loyal they are, do not like the manipulation of metrics through services. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution.

  •  Choose a service that has positive reviews. If the bots, with the help of which the promotion is carried out, are of high quality, then there is no risk of getting sanctioned. Good services are careful not to deceive users’ trust.
  •  Order promotion taking into account the region. To wind up Tik Tok, you need to follow this rule, because it is the accounts of your region that are displayed in the recommendations.
  •  If you have any questions, it is always better to ask them than to try to figure it out with the support service of the social network later. Plan your promotion and proceed with caution!
  •  Order a boost of views, likes and subscribers in the complex on the online service. If you buy one thing, it will be suspicious. Popular videos, but few subscribers – it looks dubious, and the value is not enough. But the converse is also true. If there are a lot of readers, and no one watches the videos, this is also strange and suspicious.
  • If your account is not very popular, do not wind it up a lot of subscriptions and views at once. Act gradually. Choose a cheat time, publish videos at the same time. Adjust orders so that likes come gradually.
  • If you have big plans and a serious promotion is planned, then it is recommended not to engage in amateur performances. It is better to order a consultation from an experienced smrmchik, so as not to “sit in a puddle” with the account on which you are betting.

It is also very important to remember that promotion is a tool that leads to popularity. But popularity itself is achieved only through quality content. And the ability to wind up likes, views and readers in a tick tock is an opportunity to move forward quickly and without disappointment.

If you are a blogger who wants to have a solid account in a new social network for himself, then the promotion is perfect for you to start. If you are an owner or a marketer in a business, then a promotion will allow you to convey information about your product to people and increase sales. If you are an expert in your field or passionate about something interesting, then cheating Tiktok will allow you to share your skills with people. Make good content, promote it with care, and your account will take off.