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Tips on Boosting Your Cognitive Powers


As we get older, signs of ageing are slowly showing in our bodies such as frail muscles and memory loss. Since we cannot do many physical exercises to our brain to function well, there are tried and tested techniques that will give you a healthy brain even when you get older. Even though you are feeling sharp and have a memory that functions well, the following tips will guide you in enhancing your intelligence. These are also applicable to young students who are having a hard time studying and need to submit a school paper. (1)

1.  Take down notes

Make an effort in putting down all the necessary things to easily recall pieces of information and meet your deadlines. Based on a study, psychologists found that simply writing things down will enhance your intelligence. Another advantage of creating notes is you can still recall the important things later.

Researchers also say that students who write using their hand have a greater chance of learning and mastering their lessons compared to students who use their laptops for taking down notes. And there are more chances for them to complete an assignment if there is a paper due now situation. We all know that laptops are much easier to use when creating lots of notes in comparison to handwritten notes. Yet, researchers found out that those who use their laptops have a more sluggish memory and soak in academic material worse.

2.  Do some physical exercise

Physical exercise can help you to maintain the sharpness of your memory. It will circulate the oxygen in your brain and lessen the danger of possible disorders. Disorders such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes may result in memory loss. Exercising boosts the brain chemicals that are beneficial for you and lessen your cortisol, a stress hormone. Here are some mind-enhancing exercise techniques:

  • Do aerobic exercises. This is a very sensible form of exercising that helps in sustaining your cognitive functions. So, select activities that are important for your heart. Because what benefits your heart, also satisfies your brain.
  • Make exercising your early morning routine every day. This will give you enough energy needed to survive the day. Sweating in the morning before you begin your day makes a huge effect on your brain and body function.
  • Physical activities that need a hand and eye integration or advanced and fine motor skills are significantly helpful for brain activities.

3.  Have a quick power nap

If you are having a hard time preparing for your upcoming examination or completing a school project, take a short power nap. According to researches, people who take a nap for 20 to 30 minutes before doing a task tend to be more productive. Sleep plays a crucial part in cognitive function.  A good night sleep gives you a refreshed and steady memory. Researchers also discovered that having the right amount of sleep after learning one thing leads to more chances of retaining such information which is beneficial to you. So if you wish to justify to someone why you are taking a short nap, simply point out that you just want to boost your memory.

4.  Go on a memory-enhancing diet

Whatever our body takes in has an effect on our brain. Vegetables, fruits, foods with healthy fats like fish and nuts offer many health advantages in both physical and mental aspects. With regards to your cognitive abilities, it is not simply based on what food you take but, it is also the foods that you do not eat. To improve your memory and lessen the risk of having dementia, here are some healthy tips that you may follow:

  • Control saturated fat and calories intake. A diet that is excessive in saturated fat such as butter, cheese, and red meat develops a possibility of having dementia and will damage your memory consolidation.
  • Take a lot of vegetables and fruits. This kind of food has a lot of antioxidants and elements that are advantageous for your brain cells. Coloured vegetables and fruits are a good source of antioxidants and are normally called “superfoods”.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea has strong antioxidants that defend your brain cells from toxins that may injure your brain cells. Regular intake of green tea could improve your memory and mental attentiveness.