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I Am Tired Of Everything-Top Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

I Am Tired Of Everything

Tired of everything.

You’re tired. I know what it feels like. You are tired but not just physically. The world is a dynamic place to live in, it demands your full attention, energy, and effort, and eventually, you get tired. You become tired of everything: the people who surround you, your job, your boss, your spouse, your kids…the list goes on endlessly. You simply get just tired of everything.

You’ve tried, you’ve tried too much, you put too much effort into being a better person, not only for yourself but to be better for the others around you. The world is cruel and never gives anything back so you get tired of investing in indefinite outcomes.

You haven’t always been this worn out. There was a time in your life when you were pure, full of hope, and very optimistic. You thought that you can give your best and try to make difference in the world.

But the world crushed you, a broken heart from un-kept promises, too many tears, and too much loss made you so tired. You have to play the games, play by the rules, and you never won. Your inspiration to try again is far gone.

I am tired of everything.

The truth is, we are all tired. You are not alone. Every person becomes worn out by a certain age. We join the club of broken hearts and aching souls who are desperately searching for fulfillment. We want more, we are sick of our current position, and yet we are too scared to begin again.

Certain risks need to be taken but the fear of losing it all again makes us too much afraid to start something new, to risk, to try, to change.

Life is a constant battle. We fight against each other and get tired of each other, tired of the games we play, tired of the lies we say and the uncertainties we present to each other.

We don’t want to be the villain and we don’t want to be the fool either, so we put the guards go up. Again and again, we continue playing in the vicious circle because we’re not sure what choice we have left.

The cheerful ideals you were once promised now seem tired and hopeless. It feels impossible to go on trying and giving and becoming when you are exhausted straight through to the soul.

If you feel this close to giving up I beg you to give it one more try, with feeling. I know that you’ve tried so many times and that you’re tired of your attempts.

The thing is, you should never give up. The struggle is what keeps us going on. The more we try the greater the achievement will feel. The truth about that second wind of passion is that you’re never going to realize you have it if you do not keep on running past your first.

We want immediate results and so when we see none, we give up. We don’t walk far enough down our own roads to reach the point where we’re complete our mission. We let the exhaustion stop us and we grow frustrated with the lack of feedback.

Don’t give up, there is always more love that we are capable of giving. There is more hope that we are capable of having. There is more passion that we’re capable of unleashing and flooding out into the world.

None of us are inspired every day. We all get exhausted, we all get discouraged, and we’re allowed to work on those feelings. Just because you’re beaten down and sick and tired of the life that you’re living doesn’t mean you’re not making a change.

Every person you have ever admired has had times where they felt utterly defeated in the pursuit of their dreams, but that didn’t prevent them from reaching them. You’re allowed to stumble slowly towards your biggest transformations-it doesn’t always have to be a blazing, flagrant affair.

Some parts of life happen quietly, they happen slowly. They happen because of the small and careful choices that we make every day. The choices we make turn us into better versions of ourselves. We have to give ourselves time. We have to allow to those alterations happen and to watch them evolve. We should not grow hopelessly frustrated in the in-between.

When you’re tired, go quietly. Go slowly. Go timidly, but do not stop. You have all the right reasons to be tired. You are supposed to be tired because you’re making a change.

You are exhausted for all the right reasons and it’s only an indication to go on, to continue fighting. You are tired because you’re growing, and someday that growth will give way to the exact rejuvenation that you need. Just remember to never ever give up.