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Top 5 Cannabis Myths Debunked


Cannabis is one of the most controversial drugs to ever have existed. Unlike crystal meth for example, cannabis (or weed, reefer, Mary-Jane…whatever you want to call it) has so many proven health benefits. The only benefit crystal meth could ever possibly have is if you didn’t actually want you teeth to begin with but you were too scared to knock them out yourself. With controversial topics however, comes misinformation – luckily I am here to help you identify 5 of the top myths regarding this humble leaf.

  1. Cannabis Is A Gateway Drug

This is not true. I have been high a number of times in my adult life (before marriage and kids – when I was still fun) but I have never experimented with anything harder. You’re not going to smoke a joint on Tuesday and be flicking needles by Friday – and if you do, don’t blame the weed because it had nothing to do with that. Trauma is the gateway drug.

  1. Synthetic Cannabis Is Safe

This is a terrible lie. Synthetic weed was created in labs to study the effects of cannabinoids on the brain. It didn’t work because the synthetic version is much, much stronger. Stronger, in this case, is not meant in a good way. Most of the fake stuff contains so much THC and no CBD – CBD is what decreases anxiety, as such it often causes serious psychosis.

  1. All Cannabis Creates The Same High

Again, this is a hard nope – this simply isn’t true. Granted, it is commonly accepted that there are 2 main strains of cannabis – Indica and Sativa. These different strains create different highs, one will make you totally chilled and the other will give you a goofy, giggly high. All you need to do is make sure you order your chosen strain from a reputable supplier, like Dyrect, in order to get quality weed that isn’t cut with nail varnish remover and other gross shit.

  1. You Can’t Overdose On Cannabis

Sadly, this is not true. You can O.D on weed but the difference between weed and other drugs is that an overdose won’t kill you. Some say that in order for an overdose of weed to kill you, you would need to smoke 15 000 pounds of it in 15 minutes. Considering that is entirely impossible, you’ll most probably be okay. Remember though that some people have chronic conditions and could react differently, especially if there are other substances or medication involved too. For a normal, healthy person weed is mostly harmless.

  1. Cannabis Makes You Lazy

This is definitely false. Cannabis can make you chilled, sure, but it doesn’t make you lazy. If you’re lazy or your stoner friend is lazy, don’t blame the weed – blame poor choices and a bad personality. Laziness is learned behaviour; weed in normal amounts cannot affect that. Granted, there are a few choice options that can absolutely knock you on your ass but there are also cultivars that energise the fluff out of you – like for real. That being said, if you smoke all day you will probably become sluggish and unmotivated, but once again – don’t blame the weed for your inability to be a functioning adult, that’s all on you.