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Top five travel bloggers in Israel.


Israel is a beautiful little country in the Middle East that houses a lot of attraction within her, from technologically advanced industries to forward-thinking personnel everything is present here and it is home to beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

Israel also hosts some of the most open-minded people who love to live in the moment and love to travel around searching for their souls. If you also love to travel or learn about new things, here are some of the travel bloggers that you can follow to increase your knowledge as well as to experience their adventures and bring out the adventurer in you. All of these are active on all the social media platforms but most of their following is on Instagram. Instagram has more than 1 billion users and is the best place to market your service and products. Some travel bloggers try to buy instagram views $1 to gain viewership of their travel videos. This is considered a good way to promote your video easily. 


Originally starting out as an online magazine that showcased the city’s trendiest arts, lifestyle spots, and more, Telavivian is now recognized as a trusted source of information for anything and everything that is happening around the city. They have a website and an app which provide extensive information about the city, podcasts, information about events and parties, and basically anything you can think of when traveling to this destination. 

Tourist Israel.

This website was first founded in 2008 for tourism purposes in Israel, now it has become one of the leading blogging websites about tourism in Israel with over one million visitors coming to the country availing their services. Along with their services the website also offers valuable information about the countries unique experiences and showcases the treasures of the country. 

Eager Tourist.

Eager Tourist started out as a picture blog for Ross Belter’s travels back in 2009, from then it has grown to provide tour experiences, giving information about the workshops and scenic beauty location along with personal travel experiences. It serves as a magazine and travel service focusing on local culture and architecture. They also do live sessions on Instagram. Going live and answering the questions of followers is a good way to promote your account. Some people also buy instagram live viewers to increase the viewership and become popular. 

Visit Israel:

If you are one of those travel fanatics, the Instagram page of Visit Israel features a myriad of tons of unique photos of places across Israel. With over 156 k followers on their Instagram page, Visit Israel is one of the top travel accounts in the entire country. 


ISRAEL21c is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is known for its extensive articles in the English language providing valuable information about the current condition of Israel and is considered as one of the most reliable sources. This blog covers a wide array of topics and you can avail yourself a great deal of information on various things which include the latest tourism-related news and facts, travel information, the best hotels and even hostels for you to stay at, Desert Tourism, Cycling, Hiking, information about the Dead Sea, Jerusalem facts and news and many other interesting things for you to do in Israel. The organization is followed by thousands of people worldwide who keep a passion for traveling and related adventures.