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Top Ways You Can Care For Your Car & Beat Road Anxiety


Everyone likes having a trouble-free journey. No one likes facing miscalculated road uncertainties like car breakdown, tyre flattening or even fuel problems. These hurdles not only put your pleasant drive on halt but also interfere with your motivation to drive. If you are a frequent driver in busy areas like Essex and nearby localities you need to consider the following car care checks.

Spare Tyre 

At  times we do not have time to carefully monitor each and every part of our vehicle. Many of the motorists ignore proper checks on their car tyres like check on appropriate tyre pressure, tread depth or for such matter even the wheel alignment. This can result in misfortune events while you are driving such as having under inflated tyres can cause your tyres to get punctured as they may not be able to survive a longer journey. This will result in you getting stranded in the middle of a road where there is no help present. 

To overcome above mentioned tyre problems it is always better to have a spare tyre in your vehicle that will help you fix your tyre problem. Further it is always better to buy tyres that are long lasting and roadworthy. You can also buy tyres in Wickford from Jet Wheel Tyre.

Fuel Top up 

It is always a wise act to top up your fuel above the required level as at times you might have to take your car for a longer route and you might not find time to fill your fuel later. This can save you from unexpected car breakdown or fuel shortage later. Further it will help improve your throttle performance and will aid in efficient engine productivity. Driving with a full tank will help you achieve peace of mind , and there will be no hassle of topping up fuel again and again in between your journey. 

Examine Battery

Battery can be one of the least important inspecting parts in your vehicle checklist. Many of us are not clear on how to properly look for faults in the battery. In order to see if your car battery will not cause trouble in the near future, you need to examine a few things. You need to start the engine in case you have not been driving too often to see if it has enough charging or not. Next thing you need to see is if it is having corrosion on it. Corrosion can indicate that  your battery is not getting enough power. This might mean it needs to be fixed or properly cleaned , however in case of extreme corrosion you need to get it checked by the mechanic.  


Any light whether the indicator, emergency or head light of your car needs to work well otherwise it can result in a safety hazard. At times you might not even notice but your light bulbs like headlights might be losing their power, this can be due to you forgetting to turn off your car headlights. Hence you need to be very vigilant when it comes to examining the vehicle lights otherwise if you are driving at night and any of your lights stops working , it can result in road mishaps.