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Understanding Back pain, symptoms, risk and prevention


The most common pain a person goes through is back pain, which, when it becomes chronic, can hinder your daily activities and even cause you to miss work. The pain can go from lower, middle to upper and sometimes develops into sciatica. 

There are various reasons which can cause you back pain. Apart from age factors, muscular issues, degenerative disc disease, nerve damage or arthritis, there are various everyday reasons which can also be causing pain. 

Back pain treatment usually includes medications, massages or non-invasive techniques such as chiropractic care.

This post will help in giving you a better understanding of the symptoms, prevention and what kind of treatments you can go for;


The symptoms can range from mild aches to shooting high pains. It can also include inflammation, burning and stabbing feelings. When it becomes chronic, the pain can radiate down your legs and affect your moments, such as walking, standing, or sitting. 

When should you consult a doctor;

  • The back pain has been persistent for a few weeks.
  • It’s not improving with time and rest
  • It’s spreading on both your legs
  • You are feeling weakness, numbness or tingling
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Bladder issues
  • Bowel issues
  • Fever in some cases

Risk Factors that back pain

There are various risk factors that are involved in causing back pain; few of them are.


As our age progresses, the risk of back pain also increases, especially around 30-40 years of age.

Lack of exercise

Weak muscles, especially in your back and abdomen, can cause back pain.


If you have put on extra weight, it can put stress on your back 

Improper lifting

Putting all your pressure on your back instead of your legs can cause back pain.

Psychological condition

People suffering from anxiety and depression are more prone to back pain. 


People who regularly smoke are prone to back pains since they cough a lot, leading to herniated disks. It also reduces blood flow to your spine and joints, which can cause osteoporosis. 

Ligament strain 

If you occasionally lift heavy things or make sudden awkward moments, it can stain your back and spine muscles. Constant stains can cause painful muscle spasms.


Arthritis can affect our lower back; it also narrows down space surrounding the spinal cord, which is the condition known as spinal stenosis. 

How to prevent back pain

There are certain things which you can adopt from preventing pain or avoid recurrence of it;

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Regular exercising 

Engaging in low-impact regular exercising can help in reducing strain off your back. Physical activities help increase the strength and endurance of your back which allows your muscles to function in a better way. 

Adding regular walks and swimming is beneficial. 

Maintain weight

If you are overweight, it can easily impact your back; thus, reducing your weight can help prevent back pain. 

Helps in building muscle strength

Adding back exercises helps strengthen your core, which can help build strong muscles so that they function easily and become more flexible.

Maintain right posture

Maintaining a good posture is essential, especially if your job requires sitting for a long duration. Choose a chair that comes with an armrest, swivel and proper lower back support. Keep changing your position after every half an hour.

Lift properly

While lifting something heavy, allow your leg to handle the pressure. Do not twist; try to keep your back straight and while bending, use your knees. 


Back pains are quite common, which can be easily prevented by reducing pain, adopting the right postures, regular exercising, eliminating everyday stress and including chiropractic care and pain medication if it becomes repetitive or chronic.