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Understanding the Power of First Aid Training


A couple of months ago, I attended the funeral of my maternal grandfather who passed away due to a heart attack. While death is an inevitable part of the circle of life, it often comes when we least expect it and in ways we wish it didn’t come in.

Often found myself thinking about the shoulda-woulda-couldas. When I was told the news of my grandfather’s passing, I wondered if his chances of surviving would have been better had I been there to help him until the paramedics came to rush him to the hospital.

In both those instances, I wished I knew then what I know now. Being prepared for medical professionals by taking first aid training from schools like Lifesaver Education was something I now feel is a very important skill to have.

First Aid Training Helps with Pain Management 

A lot of medical emergencies aren’t necessarily as life threatening as a drowning incident or a heart attack. This does not however mean that the person who is in a medical emergency is not in any pain or discomfort.

Pain management is also part of first aid training. Having the right knowledge to deal with a twisted ankle or a bump on the head can help ease any discomfort felt by the patient. Other times, being able to help someone who needs first aid can help reduce anxiety levels and make them feel more at ease.

First Aid Training Helps Deescalate the Situation

We’ve seen a lot of medical emergencies (whether through media or in person) where the situation goes from bad to worse really quickly. What first aid training does is give you the right skills to help stabilize a patient’s condition until the paramedics arrive.

For example, when a patient is unconscious it’s important to check and see if they are still breathing. An unconscious patient who is not breathing can be exposed to low oxygen levels and may be at risk for brain damage. By knowing how to administer CPR, a patient’s chances of surviving may increase.

First Aid Training Teaches You to Take Care of Yourself

One of the most important things that first aid training taught me was that you have to look out for yourself. While it seemed to sound selfish and self-centered at first, I later realized how important this was.

Keeping yourself safe is a practical tip to bear in mind; it becomes very hard to help other people in need if you yourself are in need of medical attention. Looking out for yourself doesn’t mean refusing to help someone because you think you might compromise yourself. Instead, it reminds you to take care of yourself by practicing healthy habits and investing in self-care.

Being unable to do anything during a crisis can be extremely demoralizing. This is why first aid training is so important; it helps prepare you for a wide range of situations so you can save lives–maybe including your own.