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Unleashing the Truth: What to Expect When Bringing Home a Puppy


If your recent daydreams spell out “add a puppy to the family,” it’s time to hunker down, and answer the hard-hitting questions, including but not limited to, “What can I expect when bringing home a puppy?” While a pooch may give your day-to-day routine a boost, don’t let that wafting new puppy smell distract you from the intense responsibility of dog ownership. While adding a puppy to your family can be a cuddle-loaded and playtime-packed adventure, there are some things you should know and expect before leashing you and your family to dog life.   

Signs you’re ready to own a puppy

Owning a dog is a great joy in life, but before inviting a canine companion into your inner circles, soon-to-be dog owners should be prepared for the journey ahead. Here are a few signs that you’re ready to bring one home. 

You’ve looked into breeds that meet your needs 

Suppose you’ve got plenty of free time on your hands and a patient disposition. In that case, you may choose to tackle the task of welcoming a particularly hard-headed breed like a Siberian Husky or Bullmastiff into your home. However, if you’re a professional or busy parent pressed for time or someone with a shockingly short-fuse, you might want to reconsider this strategy. 

Instead, shop for breeds known for their obedience, sure to make this transition into dog life a walk in the park. Breeds that take the crown in the obedience category include Irish Setters, Border Collies, and Beagles. For shoppers looking for a family-friendly dog that ranks supreme in trainability, search for Lab puppies for sale. Labrador Retrievers are exceptionally friendly and patient dogs that will fit seamlessly into your family unit. 

You have the time to take care of them

Not only are there monetary costs associated with dog ownership, but there are also time costs to consider. Dogs, especially puppies, take time to train and care for them. 

A new dog, especially a puppy, will need time to adjust to its new environment and may need time to learn proper housetraining. Just like a baby, puppies need love and affection. As well as a careful eye to make sure they aren’t getting into trouble! 

Dog training is a must, and you will be very thankful you did it. Dog training helps your dog grow into a well-behaved pup. 

You’ve done your research

Dog ownership is a big commitment and one you shouldn’t go into lightly. In addition to making sure you have the finances and time for them, you should research the highs and lows of puppy ownership. That way, you aren’t blindsided by sleepless nights, dog-hair-caked couches, and 

Everyone in the family is ready for a puppy

When bringing home a puppy, everyone in the household needs to be on board. There should be clear expectations on puppy responsibilities. Many puppies each year end up in shelters because their adopters weren’t prepared, wholly ready, or there weren’t clear responsibilities on who does what.

The puppy should not take the fall if not everyone is ready. Discuss this new addition with everyone and make a plan for its care. 

So, you’ve decided you’re ready 

Once you’ve conducted in-depth research on dog breeds and evaluated that you and your family are ready to commit countless hours to train and upkeep exercise regimens, it’s time to brace for the puppy’s first day. Here’s what you can expect when bringing home your new canine companion. 

The financial impact is not for the faint of heart. 

There are more costs to owning dogs than the adoption or breeder fee. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can cost around $15,000 throughout their lifetime. That’s about $1,500 per year. 

Between food, grooming costs, veterinary bills, training, and other expenses, the expenses associated with owning a dog can really add up. As a rule of thumb, you’re officially ready for that new puppy if you can fit the expected and unexpected bills into your budget. 

You need to stock up on puppy essentials 

Once you’ve decided puppy parenthood is the job for you, it’s time to stock up on the essentials. Start with the basics, such as a collar, ID tags, crates, a dog bed, food/water bowls, a leash, and some tasty treats for your puppy in training. For those hoping to shop for puppy must-haves in one fell swoop, add fetch toys, chew toys, a brush, puppy gates, and cleaning products for when accidents happen. 

Patience will be your secret weapon 

Even if you manage to buddy up with the world’s best-behaved dog, you’ll need to be patient as your new furry friend navigates unfamiliar surroundings, acclimates to a sleep routine. Potty training accidents are the name of the game when it comes to puppy ownership. 

Instead of scolding the newest addition to your family, take a deep breath and be extra forgiving when you find Fido munching on a stray sock or an unguarded TV remote. 

What’s next

Being a dog parent can be extremely rewarding. A dog is an excellent addition for every family, especially a gorgeous white labrador. But dog ownership is not to be taken lightly, and you should be prepared before bringing your new pup home. 

Knowing the financial costs, time commitments, and ensuring everyone is on board will help you thoroughly enjoy those puppy days.