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Ways to Choose the Best Life Coach 


Have you tried doing something new, but felt paralysed by indecision? Perhaps, your life is going great, except that one feat you can’t master no matter how hard you try. You wish to climb the corporate ladder with a high-incentive promotion, or quit your desk job and become a travel blogger. The list goes on. So, are you wondering how to reach new levels of success in your life? Irrespective of your situation, having one on one sessions with a professional life coach is an excellent way to turn your aspirations into reality. A life coach, like Nick Hatter, can enable you to stay focused and accountable to your life goals. It can be overwhelming to determine which life coaches offer practical coaching. To make your work simple, here are a few possible ways to choose the right life coach.

Be Sure You Wish to Seek Guidance from a Life Coach

According to a career coach Manchester, therapy helps you understand your behaviour, attitude, and actions based on your past life experiences. Whereas, life coaching is more future-oriented. A diligent coach will not discuss much of your past. Yet, there will be a certain level of self-awareness, essential for implementing your future goals. Be prepared to face powerful questions that will clear your mental block and help you find the path to achieving your life goals. Every discipline has a unique offering, and you need to understand whether life coaching fulfills your expectations to accomplish your dreams. Wide World Coaching covers life coaching, transformative coaching, executive, and relationship coaching, so it might help to seek them out so they could narrow down to what you may need.

Confirm If Life Coaches Have Credible Training and Certification

Competent life coaches work on scientific research and evidence-based coaching principles. Only rigorous training can enable a life coach to apply such techniques and models in their practice. Coaches like Nick Hatter, a certified Enneagram Practitioner, have qualifications and training that include positive psychology resilience skills and co-active coaching fundamentals. While choosing a life coach, check what training they have undergone, their credentials, and certifications.

Coaching Style Makes a Difference

The personality of a life coach and the level of training they endured decide their coaching style. Some coaches take a formal approach, with well-organized and structured training sessions. In contrast, others are less formal and more open in terms of the discussion. You could go for either a more friendly and supportive coach, or opt for a life coach who throws open challenges. Ensure their coaching style matches your expectations of support required at this juncture of your life where you wish to achieve your life targets.

Check for Productive Coaching Methodologies and Techniques They Use

An experienced life coach will coach using proven techniques to see positive outcomes from your sessions. Make sure the life coach you choose implements coaching approaches that resonate with your requirements. Check out whether their sessions meet life coaching objectives like boosting your self-esteem, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

Check Out What Their Life Coaching Programmes Offer

When you seek guidance from a genuine life coach, it is an investment of a lifetime. These are more than just coaching sessions, mainly when they help you realize your potential and capabilities. See if they personalize the programs tailored for you to realize your life aspirations. These programs should be capable of destroying limiting beliefs that have restricted you from going forward in life. Make sure these sessions set growth actions to progress in every aspect of your life. Make sure these coaching sessions are flexible, holding accountability for your well-being. Check if the life coaches offer face-to-face and online courses to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Some renowned life coaches offer 10-minute phone check-ins to keep you motivated.

Start with a Free Consultation with the Life Coach

Most of the renowned life coaches, like Nick Hatter, offer a free consultation. It is the best way to make sure they are the right fit for you, and their coaching style is in-line with your expectations to achieve your long-term life goals. Make sure you don’t feel intimidated by them. A diligent life coach will be able to unleash you from your insecurities, and you can discover and explore all of who you are, without them being judgemental about you.

Choose a Life Coach Who Fits Within Your Budget

The budget is critical while choosing a life coach. Typically, coaches charge about £3,000 for one on one coaching sessions. You could spread the cost over 12 months with 0% finance.  The charges vary with the level of experience and target demographic. Whether you are looking for a dream career or empowering confidence, you need a little support for self-reflection. The reputed life coaches, registered with the EMCC, can help you gain greater clarity, eventually transforming deep insights into productive actions.