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What Are Bioresonance Machines And How They Can Help Treat Health Conditions?


Bioresonance machines use electromagnetic waves to measure the frequency of the human body’s energy wavelengths. Thanks to these devices, it’s now easier for medical practitioners to diagnose and treat various illnesses.

Bioresonance devices such as the Sensitiv-Imago device available at https://sensitivimagousa.com/equipment/ are based on the principle that all particles of matter, including body cells, have specific frequency patterns. 

Healthy body cells release harmonious electromagnetic vibrations. However, the energy wavelengths are distracted in case of any damage to your cells because of disease.

Bioresonance devices can read the body cells’ energy wavelengths and even detect any changes from the benchmarks. These therapy machines can also build customized treatment plans that help return the cell vibrations to benchmarks.

How Bioresonance Machines Work

A bioresonance machine works with the help of applicators that are attached to a person’s skin. These applicators collect information relating to the frequency of the electronic waves from the body. The machine then separates the waves into healthy and unhealthy waves.

Healthy waves are sent back to your body to strengthen it, while the unhealthy waves are manipulated and altered. The body is also stimulated so that it resonates with the altered waves from the bioresonance device.

What Can Bioresonance Machines Treat

Studies done in the past have shown bioresonance therapy to be effective in treating various conditions, as explained below.

·         Allergies – Both controlled and uncontrolled studies done in the past on the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy in the treatment of allergies and other related conditions such as asthmas have given positive results.  For instance, bioresonance devices have been shown to successfully determine the particular allergen one is allergic to and even come up with a treatment plan tailored for that allergen.

·         Stomach pain –In one study, bioresonance therapy was shown to reduce stomach pain among participants.

·         Smoking cessation and other addictions – In a 2014 study, researchers reported that bioresonance therapy helped smokers quit smoking after one week of treatment. The study that used bioresonance and a placebo found that 77.2% of the participants who undertook bioresonance therapy quit smoking one week after treatment, compared to only 54.8% in the placebo group.

·         Fibromyalgia –A 2001 study used a combination of manual therapy, point massage, and bioresonance therapy to treat fibromyalgia. The results obtained reported a great improvement in muscular pain among the participants that received bioresonance therapy compared to the group that only used manual and point therapy. Those who were subjected to bioresonance therapy also reported improvement in sensitivity and sleep patterns.

·         Overtraining syndrome –Bioresonance therapy has also been shown to be effective in treating burnout among athletes. A controlled clinical trial reported that bioresonance helped reduce heart rate and blood pressure among athletes suffering from burnout. The therapy also calmed the sympathetic nervous system of the athletes.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bioresonance Machine For Treatment?

There are many benefits of using bioresonance therapy to diagnose and treat diseases. For starters, the machine is safe as it uses low frequencies, which eliminate any risk of electric shock.

Other benefits of using a bioresonance machine for treatment include:

·         It’s non-invasive and perfectly safe

·         It reduces over-reliance on medication to treat diseases

·         It can be used to diagnose many illnesses

·         Helps detect disease at an early stage, enabling early interventions

·         Since it’s drug-free, it can be used with other treatments with no risk of harmful side effects

·         A bioresonance device can evaluate the condition of different organs in just one session

·         The treatment doesn’t affect other parts of the body that may not be diseased

·         The device accurately detects the type of bacteria or pathogens in your body

·         Patients with no medical experience can use the machine as it’s easy to useIn closing, bioresonance devices are effective in treating various chronic diseases. In cases where traditional medicine has failed, bioresonance therapy is making headway. And thanks to bioresonance, thousands of patients no longer need to rely on medication to remain healthy.