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What Are CBD Isolates And How Are These Different From Other Products


CBD isolates may be the solution for those who wish to use CBD, yet want to ensure that they are not getting any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical responsible for the ‘high’ feeling associated with marijuana) mixed in with it.

As people try to find solutions to medical conditions, they often turn to natural alternatives, one of which is CBD isolates. Learn more about what these are and its difference from other products by reading through below.

What Are CBD Isolates?

Simply put, these are supplements or creams that contain only CBD and other beneficial ingredients such as terpenoids. The reason why these supplements are chosen by many people over prescription drugs is most prescription medications may come with side effects that can, sometimes, be too much to handle.

Since further research is still required to know the exact nature of CBD, there’s also little mention about CBD isolates. It could even be possible that this is yet your first-time hearing about what it is. Hence, the need to know its physical description, common effects, and how it’s used.

  • Physical Description

CBD isolates refer to that class or form of CBD that’s in crystalline or powder form. This substance contains 100% pure and plain CBD.

To come up with this kind of product, manufacturers have to go through a rigid extraction process whereby the compounds and other substances from the plant, including THC, are removed, leaving nothing but CBD.  

  • Common Effects

CBD isolates may have outstanding benefits for the body, which is the reason why it’s a favored choice among those switching to this form of medicine. These beneficial effects are claimed to happen because of the interaction of the endocannabinoid receptors and the human body.

Some of the bodily functions that may be positively affected by the use of CBD isolates include:

  • Appetite
  • Inflammation levels
  • Memory
  • Mood

As these bodily functions are positively affected, it may also give off the following potentials:

  • Relieves pain or may work as a natural analgesic
  • May help boosts the immune system, which is also referred to as immune-modulating
  • Help manage seizures
  • May counteract the formation of tumors
  • Helps deal with anxiety and depression

It should be noted that CBD is not a magic pill, which means that the effects of using it are not going to last forever. After all, it has only been around for a few years and researchers haven’t completely understood its nature.

Also, some people will see results right away, while others may take time before they notice results at all. This applies regardless of the kind of CBD product you’re using. However, the best way to ensure good results is to choose high-quality CBD products.

  • How Are CBD Isolates Used?

There are many ways to use CBD isolates. This versatility comes from the very fact that CBD isolates don’t have any unpleasant taste.

Some of the most common ways to use CBD include:

  • Put it directly under your tongue as you would with tinctures. This is the easiest way to apply CBD products–keep it on your tongue for approximately 60 seconds.
  • Create your own CBD products. If you’re the type to create your own beauty products, then CBD isolates work best for you. Apart from beauty products, you can even bake CBD edibles or treats with your isolates.
  • Mix it in your juices or smoothies. Because CBD isolates are tasteless, it won’t affect the pleasant taste of your juice or smoothies.

The Differences Of CBD Isolates From Other CBD Products

CBD isolates, being one of the purest forms of CBD, has differences from other kinds of CBD products.

Here are three differences between CBD isolates to other products:

  1. The Extraction Process

CBD full spectrum oil already passes through a rigorous process of extraction per se. However, to come up with the isolate, the process doesn’t stop there. This full-spectrum oil is further refined to remove the remaining compounds and cannabinoids from the product.

The two most common ways of extraction from full-spectrum to isolate are further organic extraction and distillation.

Here’s a brief summary of this process:

  • The CBD full spectrum oil goes through distillation;
  • Heat is used in distillation to extract the terpenes and THC. The heat should have a boiling point that’s lower than CBD;
  • The resulting compound from the first two steps is mixed with an organic solvent so the CBD will precipitate out of the solution;
  • This is when crystals start to arise, which are then washed to remove any residue.
  1. The Uses 

With full-spectrum CBD products, your body takes all compounds and cannabinoids coming from the CBD plant. This works together with the endocannabinoid receptors of the human body. Here, this is referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect,’ whereby the effects of all these terpenes and cannabinoids are increased and intensified.

On the other hand, CBD isolates may be a better choice for those who still desire to use CBD but can’t be bothered by the taste of cannabinoids. Moreover, CBD isolates are well-loved for edibles and skincare products because of their lack of strong flavor and purity.

  1. The Percentage Of THC

With CBD products, it’s normal to have at most 0.3% of THC. This is the percentage that’s acceptable with other CBD products to be considered as legal. Hence, all CBD products that you purchase in dispensaries should have a 0.3% THC level.

With CBD isolates, however, this isn’t the case as you can expect to have 0% at all. This means that CBD isolates purely contain CBD.


Since many people have been looking for an alternative to prescription medications, the reason for which is the fear of negative side effects that may be associated with these medications, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of CBD isolates being sold today. If you’re interested, make sure that you do your research before buying so you’ll be aware of what you’re taking.

Most people make this switch simply because they’d like to go for a more natural way of relieving their problems.