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What to Eat to Get the Perfect Glowing Tan?


The summer is finally here and so does the excitement for your vacation. You are ready to hit the beach and get that gorgeous summer tan. However, you have a webpage and a constant running blog, and you worry about the content of it ultimately reaching a standstill hence of your vacation. With essay writing solutions, you can go on vacation without the need to worry. Other than this the only thing you should worry about is the well-known fact that the damage was done by the sun and its UVA and UVB rays can ultimately lead to sunburns and skin cancer.

The chances are small but why not avoid them. Only small changes like eating certain foods will help you to get the perfect glowing tan. Here are the top ten foods that will boost the appearance of the tan lines. (1)

  1. Carrots

These veggies can do miraculous things for your tan. The alpha-carotene contained in the carrots promotes the colouration of the skin hence why most of the tanning products are made of them. Eaten raw they will make your skin blossom while at the same time they are a healthy snack between meals.

  1. Eggs

Eating eggs particularly their egg yolks will have a significant impact of getting a glowy healthy tan. They are packed with vitamin A which is held accountable for its regenerative effects. (2)

  1. Mangos

Mangos, same as the egg yolk contain great amounts of vitamin A and as we already said super important vitamin for tanning.

  1. Water

Although water doesn’t have vitamin A in it yet 60% of our bodies is water. Our cells need it in order to function properly and to transmit the healthy and vital nutrients from one cell to another. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective such as keeping your body hydrated. Every 20 minutes don’t forget to drink fresh water.

  1. Cheese

Cheese is packed with high levels of selenium which is important in fighting the free radicals in our bodies. Hence of this, it can help you tan better and avoid all the unnecessary sunburns. White cheese, in particular, has extraordinarily high levels of selenium.

  1. Spinach

Besides being good for the health of your heart it is also miraculous for your tan. Same as the carrots, spinach is packed with antioxidants such as beta-carotene that will help you in getting that golden tan.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a compound named different but with similar characteristics such as the one found in the carrots and the spinach- lycopene. It has superpowers when it comes to fighting the free radicals thus accordingly it will keep your skin healthy and happy with a beautiful tan. A salad a day when on vacation will give you all the needed bits of skin-vital elements.

  1. Apricots

They are rich in natural pigments named carotenoids hence why they have their yellowish colour and are rich in antioxidants.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil will help you in maintaining your tan rather than contributing to getting it. Forget about wrinkled, damaged, and dry skin by only adding olive oil to your cooking.

  1. Peaches and plums

With the high amounts of vitamin A and carotenoids and their radical killing antioxidants, they are true superheroes among all the fruits.