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When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep

There are many different purposes for CBD oil and other products today. It has been purported to help with pain relief, and some tests are even going as far as saying it can alleviate discomfort in cancer patients. Although, extra studies need to be completed in many areas. 

One common problem facing individuals today is poor sleep. Many individuals are using CBD gummies and oil to assist in this area too.

The Sleep Foundation recommends how much an average person should rest each night. They state that the average adult should manage 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. 

Trying to get the maximum benefit from CBD for sleep means understanding how much to take, what kind, and when to take it. How effective it is may also depend on the individual, and what underlying causes they have for poor sleep. 

Can CBD oil help with sleeping issues?

While there are many people who believe fully in the health and medical benefits of CBD, including doctors and other authority figures, there is still a lot of study and testing to do. 

The reality is, not enough examinations have been done to prove how effective CBD is in certain areas. The compound has been said to help with anxiety, skin conditions, recovery from injury, and more.

 Sleep is a very common reason for individuals to take CBD, or rather to find a way to improve sleep. Poor sleeping patterns lead to impairment in concentration, mood problems, lethargy, and even depression. 

CBD is believed to help in improving sleep patterns and even lower anxiety levels. When anxiety is the cause of a poor night’s sleep, it would seem to make sense to find a solution that can reduce this. CBD may be the answer. 

How long before sleep should you take CBD oil?

Recommendations on when you should take CBD differ. Some people suggest that CBD should be ingested around 20 minutes before bedtime. Yet, others consider a longer period is better. 

Healthline, for instance, recommends you take CBD 1 hour before sleep. This is perhaps to give the body time to fully absorb the compound into the system to get the maximum benefit. 

What you may find is that experiment is the key here. Your weight and the amount you take may come into play. Also, you may find over time you start to build up a tolerance to CBD, and your previous dosage is less effective than before.

What type of CBD oil works best for sleeping?

A full-spectrum oil might provide the best experience for those trying to get to sleep easier. Many prefer to get a full-spectrum oil with just two ingredients and have found that this can relieve pain and discomfort, and thus aid with sleep. 

The drawback here is that many people want to avoid THC. However, there are multiple other types of CBD products for help with sleep. Experimentation can help you discover what works for you best, but you can read about some of these below.

How do you use CBD for sleep?

CBD oil is probably the most common way to use the compound for sleeping, although gummies will be close. There are some other approaches which you may find preferable though. 

Creams, lotions, tinctures, and bath bombs exist with CBD. Lotions can be used before bedtime as part of a skin-care routine, and these products often contain aloe vera, and other ingredients to help revitalize and moisturize skin. Their soothing properties are said to aid with a peaceful night’s sleep. Again, some of these products contain THC which isn’t desirable for all.

One interesting way that many have found to work for sleep, is the CBD bath bomb. It has been known for years that a relaxing bath before bed can do wonders for improved sleep.  

Bathing can help to relax the mind as well as muscles. It is a useful way to unwind and let go of general stress or anxiety. Add a CBD bath bomb to the mix and you could find the answer to your sleep problems. 

What are the underlying problems with your sleep patterns?

You may also want to consider what is causing you to sleep poorly as well as use CBD though. While CBD can very well help you to enjoy a good night’s rest, it may not solve the issues that are causing your insomnia or restlessness.

Therefore, you may want to consider other forms of therapy or medical advice. It is likely that you have already seen a doctor if the cause of your sleeplessness is pain. But, you could try to incorporate meditation with your CBD to enhance the effects, and reach a place of tranquility. 

If you can create a calm space for meditation in your home, then when you take your CBD oil you may feel a stronger sense of peace and relaxation.

If you take the idea of taking CBD oil one hour before bedtime, you could then have a small period of meditation while waiting for the CBD to work. You could spend half an hour or so meditating, and by the end, you may find yourself fully ready for bed. 

Meditation is known for relieving worries, tension, and anxiety. Much like CBD oil can. Therefore, a joint combination 1 hour before bed may be just the key to improving your night’s rest. 


There is great importance to deep sleep and knowing how to improve sleep quality is beneficial. A lack of sleep can bring about some serious medical health conditions including diabetes, and even heart attack.

CBD oil has shown that it can help anyone who is suffering from a lack of sleep. While there may not be many conclusive studies, there are thousands of advocates who would testify to the benefits they have received. 

One hour before bedtime may be the optimal time for CBD oil to be taken, but you may have to experiment a little yourself. Try out different pre-bedtime routines to find one that gives you the most benefit. Perhaps a drop of CBD oil followed by a relaxing bath, or maybe meditation will work for you.