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When Two People Are Meant For Each Other, They’ll Find Their Way Back Eventually

if two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back

Let me ask you something: Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that everything in our life is predestined? Or do you simply believe that everything that happens to us is just a big chain of accidental, unplanned events?

You see, people say that if you truly love someone, let go of them. If they come back to you, that means they were always yours, and if they don’t, then they were never meant for you.

Well, I have to admit that I don’t know much about this belief since here I am. I am still the old me and I am still in the same old place – the place that we lived in together for 2 years. The place where we made so many great, unforgettable memories. The place where we both decided to put an end to our relationship.

You know, after we broke up, I felt lonely and lost for a very long time. I felt like a huge part of me had been ripped out. I felt like a part of my soul was missing. I felt like I was never going to heal my wounds and move on with my life.

After all, you were very important to me. You shaped me into a different person from the person I was before you entered my life. And we had something deep. We had a profound emotional and mental connection – the kind that not many people get to experience in life.

I still can’t believe that it took us just a second to put an end to everything and let go of each other. As if it was that easy. As if it was that painless.

if two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back.

It’s been half a year since we broke up and since I saw you for the last time. And these long 6 months weren’t enough to erase the love I felt for you. They weren’t enough to make me forget you and let go of you completely.

Because I still think about you.

We meant to be together, and we will be! 

My heart still yearns for your love. My body still yearns for your touch.

I still miss you.

I still truly love you.

Yet, I don’t have anything left, but the hope that if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever way you want, but I truly believe that when two people are destined to be together, sooner or later, they’ll find their way back.

I believe that there comes a moment in life when all your questions and doubts are answered. When all your plans work out. When you are finally able to see and understand all the signs that the Universe is sending you.

I believe that when you truly want something to happen, the Universe, fate, or destiny, always finds a way to make it true. It finds ways to help us achieve it.

Call me naïve, call me foolish, but I’ll never give up. As long as my heart beats and as long as I breathe, I’ll believe that if you and I were destined for each other, something will happen that will have the power to bring us back together.  

When Two People Are Meant To Be Together, It Means They Are Destined To Be Together For Always

When you feel this way, it is not just about physical attraction, it is an instant familiarity. When you meet someone, your heart knows them and they already belonged there.

Genuine meant to – be love is not a pure infatuation, it is a true closeness of a family member, a comfortability you have never experienced before, an instant sense that you can spend your whole life with that person although there are differences. Although you know love is not easy. Yes, love is not easy, it is messy, we all know that. But, with a genuine meant-to-be person you can easily put all things together and your love will always sparkle. Even in hard times.

Meant to be love is entwined with destiny, the connection is another level, your mental connection is so strong that makes your communication run so easily.

Even if you leave one day, the feelings are still there. The pain you will feel is like nothing you felt before, your love never stops. You still have that person every night in your prayers. And then, one day for sure, your phone rings. You will be paralyzed. 

Your love will like to meet you again and you couldn’t say no. Your love hasn’t faded away for sure, and your meant-to-be love is there to make all things right, to repair the scars. He will be there to stay with you. For always.

Because when two people are meant to be together, they will find a way. They are always there for each other, and no matter how difficult it is, no matter the pain, the selfishness, the differences, they will do it all over again.

11 Signs That You Are Meant To Be Together

And there are signs, there are signs that show up when you meet the other person you are destined to be together.

Here are some fascinating facts that your love is meant to be and the person you have met is the real one:

1. You laugh together

You suddenly burst into laughter when you are together. It is great for your emotions and enhances your communication. It is a simple pleasure that you enjoy in your shared moments together and it is priceless.

2. You feel safe

You will secure and safe with that person in different situations, you trust that person. You feel honored and respected and charming when in public with that person. You can sense the other person is honest with you, and your relationship is meaningful. You feel at home when you spend your time together.

3. You do not look for the perfect one anymore

When you fall in love with someone and you accept them who they truly are and you do not want to change them, and they accept you with all your faults and small imperfections, this means you are meant to be together, meant to be for each other.

4. You are both strongly physically attracted to each other

The instant chemistry you feel for someone when you meet him for the first time can fade away with years, but with your true meant-to-be love the physical attraction never fades away, and can even become stronger with time.

5. You show your weaknesses and share your secrets

You feel down, as we all do sometimes. If you share the worst moments with your partner, it means you trust him, he is your confidant.

If your share your deep secrets, you are open and honest with your partner which means he is the real one. Being open to vulnerability strengthens your relationship and your partner will know you feel comfortable sharing all parts of yourself.

6. You motivate and encourage each other

To have a good partner means he is an inspiration. For you. Always. It doesn’t mean they want to change you. It means that they encourage you to grow and reach the stars.

7. You are not jealous

You are both mature and sensible enough to know how much you are worth and there is no time when you feel insecure about yourself and how other people feel about you.

You can even comfortably point out the attractiveness of other people openly in a discussion and do it without fear.

8. You are not all the time together

You can always have time with friends or family and they can even support you to spend some time out with your friends out, this is a sign of a healthy relationship. You have your own space and enjoy some individual activities and this is completely fine for your partner and it doesn’t affect your relationship.

9. You do not pretend to be someone else when you are not in each other company

When you are with a person that is your destiny, you feel yourself completely and do not need to hide your habits and light your cigarette when no one is around. You do all the weird things together and accept each other no matter what you do.

10. You can see your future together

When you can see with your partner in 50 years, how you grow old together, then it is really the one who is meant for you. There is no point being with someone, you do not see each other together in the future.

11. Your partner’s smile makes you feel better

Imagine having one of the worst days at work and coming home and seeing your partner smiling at you. And all of a sudden, you feel better. It brings joy and relief and your stress is gone. This is the partner everyone deserves, the partner makes you feel good about yourself.