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Where Should A Water Feature Be Placed In A House?


Having a water feature in your home will not only affect the physical look of the place but will also significantly improve the energy of the people living inside. You might originally purchase a water feature for aesthetic purposes, but its purpose goes beyond what the eyes can see.

It might not be known to all, but water features, indoor or outdoor, are a key element for attracting good luck and energy. It’s common practice in feng shui to employ indoor waterfall and fountains to generate good energy in houses, workspaces, and other living areas. As water is naturally flowing, it is believed that having one inside will help naturally attract a good flow of money, happiness, and even love.

But, to maintain strong feng shui while installing water fountains, you might need to follow certain principles and recommendations to make sure that you will use your indoor water feature to the best of its ability. For helpful placement tips, here’s how:

Towards your entryway for a good flow of “Chi.”

A fountain is best placed inside your entrance door or entryway, depending on your preference. This will assist in blocking bad energy from entering your house by stopping it at the door. It’s critical to point the water feature in the appropriate direction to draw in the proper amount of incoming energy. A massive amount of Chi is highly welcomed and encouraged by the fountain’s water movement. Because of this, it’s also necessary to think about where and how water flows.

See for yourself that the direction the fountain is flowing is toward your front entrance, never away from it. Energy flows in the same direction as water, so you want to invite it into your house rather than push it out. Water should flow towards the inside of your home so that you don’t redirect the energy back out of the front door when you put a fountain in front of it.

Go North

For best results, Feng Shui experts suggest installing a water fountain on the north side of your house. That way, you will welcome all good energies properly, and all will coordinate well. Your water features might also be compatible with the regions to the north and east of it, just about any direction still associated with the northern direction. You might want to consult a trusted Feng Shui expert on this. 

However, you should avoid installing the fountain in the south or any southern areas of your household. This is prone to attracting negative energy and tension from anyone living in the space. Members of the home may have issues if this is done.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are highly discouraged.

A fountain in the bedroom is typically not a good choice since it represents the element of water, and water may put out the fire that ignites marital romance. If you want to keep the fire burning between you and your dearly beloved, putting a water feature in your shared room might not be the best room upgrade idea.

With the constant presence of flowing water due to shower and other bathroom activities, the restroom seems to be a somewhat wet environment. As a result, installing a fountain may result in an imbalance of water energy that might disrupt the proper flow of things in the household.

Want some upgrades to your home? All you have to do is use some of the guidance we’ve given you and choose the perfect water feature for your home’s aesthetic. Once you do this, you’ll begin to notice a shift in the atmosphere of your home.