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Where to order lighting rental in NYC

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Lighting truss rental NYC services are becoming more and more popular among managers of different facilities, as the number of events they can host is increasing due to the end of the lockdown and pandemic restrictions. Thus, it’s necessary to know what a lighting truss is and where to order it in New York.

First of all, it’s necessary to realize that a lighting truss is an essential tool for proper stage illumination. This term refers to a special structure where spotlights and other lighting equipment are hung. Lighting designers need such structures to come up with the smartest illumination solutions with the help of proper LED flashes and spotlights installation. Thanks to lightning trusses, viewers can perfectly see what is going on on the stage, stadium, or sports arena.

LED flashes and spotlights aren’t the only pieces of equipment that are placed on a lighting truss. Such structures are very solid. The vast majority of structures are made of aluminum and steel. So they can serve as other tools, including cameras, for example. 

Lighting designers might need lighting trusses in different shapes to ensure the best operation of stage equipment. This is what the Audiovideonyc.com company provides to its clients. You can order lighting truss rental with this company and choose between the following types of equipment:

  • Box Truss – the most common stage equipment tool that suits almost all needs and places. 
  • Triangle Truss – one of the best options in terms of budget. 
  • Circular Truss – a necessary piece of equipment if it’s necessary to use a system that will equal the distribution of light or sound: audio and light tools can be festooned across the structure. 
  • Truss and Standover Covers – elements that satisfy decoration purposes and hide metal cords of lighting trusses.

These and more tools are included in the assortment of this company. Is it the best provider?

About the audiovideonyc.com company

We believe that the Audiovideonyc.com company can be considered one of the best providers of stage equipment in NYC. It has been providing rental and installation services for over 25 years. In addition to lighting trusses, it provides other equipment for your parties and events, including speakers, microphones, computers, wedding decorations, disco balls, LED dance floors, and many more. All pieces of equipment and engineers who will install this equipment for your event are licensed and insured. (1)