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Why Is Sexual Health Important? 3 Reasons You’ve Probably Never Considered


Why Is Sexual Health Important? Learn five reasons you’ve probably never considered on why sexual health and wellness is essential in this brief guide.

We all know the importance of dealing with our mental health and we all go for a medical checkup when we need to. But many of us forget about our sexual health because sex is often something done spontaneously or in the moment.

However, having regular sexual health checkups and thinking about our sexual health is very important for improving our sex lives and making them more fulfilling.

Want to know why is sexual health important? Here’s why.

  1. Stops You From Catching STIs

The most important reason why sexual wellness is so important is it can prevent us from catching STIs.

The dangers posed to the LGBT community by AIDS and HIV, which can prove fatal and became a pandemic, is one extreme case of why sexual health and contraception are important. But other less serious sexually transmitted infections can ruin your sex life.

The common STI Chlamydia can cause pain when urinating, bleeding after sex for women and unusual discharges, and pain in the testicles for men.

Imagine how painful and awkward it can be to have a one-night stand and to then be in so much pain afterward. You would also have to track down your partner and tell them.

You can prevent this by always wearing a condom even if your genitals have only brushed against each other and you haven’t had sex. This is sexual health and wellness 101.

  1. Improves Your Chance of Starting a Family

Keeping an eye on your sexual health can ensure that when it’s time to start a family you are all set.

For a man, this can include check-ups on your sperm count to ensure that your sperm count is high enough to get a woman pregnant. For a woman, this could be regular checkups on your ovaries and to make sure that you are having a regular period.

  1. Great for Mental Wellbeing

Our sexual health is related to our mental well being. If we don’t have regular checkups or use condoms it can lead to us being worried about engaging in sexual activity.

If we don’t practice safe sex we can also find ourselves in tricky situations involving unwanted pregnancy. To avoid this anxiety always wear condoms (unless you’re trying to get pregnant with a long-term partner) and try to speak openly about what you want from your sexual encounter.

Why Is Sexual Health Important? Because It Affects Your Whole Life

Sexual health is important not just because it protects us against STIs and unwanted pregnancies but because not checking on our sexual health can have a damaging effect on our physical and mental well being.

If you don’t take care of your sexual health then you could be putting yourself at risk and this could lead to you feeling paranoid and anxious during sex. It’s always better to be safe by having regular checkups and using a condom.

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