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Why It Is Helpful Learning About Your Past Life  


Experiences and existence are inseparable. Some experiences are useful, some negative, some are devastating, while others are defining. Your inherent belief of the past and curiosity as to where you originate is natural. And most of the time, you learn a great deal about your current situation by looking back on your experiences.  

Envision then how you would live your life presently if you’re open-minded about looking into the possibilities of learning about your past lives.  

The idea of past life or reincarnation is the conviction that for people to evolve, they come to existence several times.  

Having that into consideration, asking yourself questions like, “who was I in my past life?” may help you recall things and emotions, or even previous troubles and frustrations which would be helpful to you presently.  

Aside from that, learning about your past life offers several valuable benefits. Discover these benefits by reading on below.  

  •  You’ll Have New Perspectives In Life  

Learning about your past life can help you gain new perspectives. For example, you may learn how to accept yourself as well as other people if you have experienced being an abuser in one breath and a victim in another. Or you may learn to balance giving and receiving by being a physician in one life and a patient in another.   

Having a broader spiritual perspective can be useful in adjusting your current life.  

  •  Better Understand Complicated Relationships  

You may have a strained relationship with someone that can be understood or resolved by digging deeper into your previous lives. Your child may have been your life partner who cheated on you in an earlier existence. This revealed why you are limiting their self-rule in the present life. 

Understanding that there are reasons behind your behavior patterns and doubts will teach you to be more forgiving and understanding towards people.  

  •  Drop Old Patterns And Make Energy Adjustments  

You may have a history of spoiling your energies or refusing to take responsibility for your actions. Such things might have constrained you through many past lives. Your current existence could be the consequence of that process of growth.  

You encompass those boundaries by leaning upon your previous life. You are releasing your old habits and mastering to use your energies positively. Doing this will help you to understand that being responsible is a huge part of creating an even more enabling and less mistreated life.  

  •  Allows Love To Flow Freely 

The feeling of assurance and satisfaction experienced after learning the course of your past life means allowing love to spread freely. Free-flowing love aids in preventing diseases and healing. When you are either loved or in love, your immune system functions at an optimum state resulting in better general wellbeing.  

  •  Provides Opportunities To Empower Yourself 

By learning about your past lives, you’ll encounter concepts and experiences close to those you work on at present. In other words, you’re empowering yourself. Such behavior is anchored on your desire to respond differently and build a life of honesty, peace, and contentment  

  •   Supports Healing 

In the same manner as empowering you, learning about your past life offers you an excellent opportunity to resolve your physical and emotional problems and eliminate any undesirable karma of the past.  

  •  Access Skills You’ve Developed In The Past  

Drawing from abilities from your spiritual heritage is beneficial. In your past life, you might have developed extensive expertise; finding out more about them validates specific skills you have in your present existence.  

Maybe in a former life, you were a clothing designer, that would explain why you’re a seamstress today, and get an offer to build a historical costume for a movie studio. Or you’re an investor who is curious about herbs, and you learn that you were an Arabian healer that used herbs to cure.  

The choices are limitless. Yet these details are what will motivate you to step ahead and venture in a new way.  

  •  Clear Stuck Beliefs  

An interpretation of your past life will help shift stuck perceptions and concepts that you retain in your present life. Such stuck beliefs are hurdles in creating the new life you want. You could agree with the assertion that being in a man’s body is more reliable than that of a woman’s. Thus, you become a controlling husband and father to embrace that fixed mindset fully. Past lives are identified as chances for personal transformation and healing. Learn about your experience and use them. The most significant objective is to make your present life and journey clearer.  

  •  Provides Comfort From Suffering And Loss  

The essence of sorrow and grief changes when you understand that although you have missed physical intimacy with a significant one, you can reach them’ in the next life’ or a separate lifetime. This is where learning about your past life plays its benefits.   

  •  Know Your Soul’s Purpose For The Current Life 

Your spirit had a mission to build the life which you now lead. It will be constructive to have your life into the background of that larger picture. Once you know you have a lifetime to participate with, it can take some pressure away. You never end there, and you’ll never get anything done.  

  •  Transforms You Into A Better Person 

An empowered, healed and enlightened version of yourself leads to your transformation as a person. Having an opportunity to look at the course of your destiny, you appreciate life’s larger tapestry. Besides that, you also begin to understand the development of your existence and everyone around you.  

Final Thoughts 

Most people respect the principles of reincarnation —the belief that individuals have a former life before and that previous life has impacted the present life as a result of looking for the soul.  

Everything that you are at present and what role you assume now is shaped by your previous experience. That also includes your emotional wellbeing, social interactions, health, and totality as a person.  

Hence why it’s crucial to learn about your past life. Doing so will make way for a healthier and better version of yourself in your present life.