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Why Should You hire a DWI lawyer for Your Case?

Drunk driving

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offence in most states. The consequences can be different, depending on the rules and regulations of the state. For instance, you driving license can be suspended, a high penalty, etc. It’s important to hire a DWI lawyer if you ever get caught in such a scenario. You can’t be free completely but at least your lawyer can make an effort to reduce the charges. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional lawyer for your case. 

Professional Expertise 

Hiring a professional and experienced DWI lawyer such as Trey Porter Law can help you a lot in your case. Such lawyers have years of experience in dealing with such victims. They will try their best to drop the charges, if not they will get them reduced. Driving while intoxicated is a  crime that has serious consequences if you don’t have any legal help by your side. Hiring a lawyer will get you out of the case with minimum charges which would be impossible without having legal help. 

Suspension of License 

When you get caught while drunk driving, your licence gets suspended immediately. Depending on the situation and damage caused, you can go through a long-term or a short-term licence suspension.  This can be a great trouble for you. Hiring a DWI lawyer will help you get the licence back as soon as possible. He’ll try to present the case in such a way that everything works in your favor so long-term licence suspension can be avoided. 

Helps in Reduction of Penalty

Every state has its own penalty when it comes to driving while intoxicated. It is illegal to drive drunk and has serious consequences in San Antonio. If you get caught drunk driving in San Antonio, it gets worse. You can even go to jail or pay a hefty amount depending on the damage you have caused to others. Hiring a DWI lawyer will help you get out of this trouble. He’ll make sure you don’t have to go to jail for drunk driving. In addition, he will reduce the penalty charges to a minimum which would be impossible otherwise. 

Make Things in your Favor

Hiring a lawyer will help you by making all the facts and figures work in your favor. He will gather evidence by talking to witnesses of the event. He’ll listen to your side of the story too. Then he will make the facts and evidence work in your favor through his experience. He has dealt with several such cases, just different victims, so he knows how to mould things in a client’s favor and drop the charges to minimum. 

The bottom line

Hence, hiring a professional DWI attorney can help you a lot with your case. The lawyer will reduce the term of your licence suspension. In addition, he will make sure all the evidence and facts works in your favor in trial to get the charges to minimum.