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Why you need an accident attorney


An accident is not something that one would anticipate, it just happens and it disorganizes you. This is the time you need help the most. You may have insurance coverage but some companies may run away or reject your claim. At that point, you will need someone who understands the law around accidents and one who can navigate through the systems to deliver justice.

An accident attorney has the experience to pick up the case, present it in a court of law and ensure that justice is served in your favor. Most people think that the insurance company will help you out but statistics show otherwise.

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The insurance agency will frustrate you

The fact that you have an insurance company that has given you coverage is not a guarantee that they will be on your side when in need. Remember they’re in business and one of the core objectives is to cut down on their costs. Thus they’ll be looking for the slightest excuse not to pay you. On the other hand, an accident attorney is motivated to handle your case because you pay them on commission. Therefore, they’ll take your case seriously and you can be sure of a win.

You pay the attorney when you win

The beauty of hiring an accident lawyer is that they will not ask for any money from you. Their pay depends on whether they win the case or not. Thus, if you get one, they will be working tirelessly for a win so that they get their commission. You’ll be surprised by the amount you could receive from the proceeds. You only need to get a reputable attorney like Naqvi Injury Law who has many years of experience in handling accident injury-related cases successfully.

You’ve limited time to put up a case

Immediately you are involved in an accident, the next thing you need to think of is a lawyer to represent you. Every state has its statute on how long one should present their case o the court. You are not a legal expert and thus you need an attorney, someone who knows the requirements of the law concerning such cases. The lawyer will do the right documentations and make their submissions as required. Your work will be to follow up with the lawyer to see the progress.

Litigation is complicated

Before your case is admitted to a court of law, there are so many demands that have to be met and only a lawyer can understand. For instance, in some places, you’ll be required to present a police notice, something you may not be aware of. There are also other documents that must be submitted and most of these are prepared by the lawyer. Thus, hiring an expert transfers the burden to them, yours is to wait for your compensation.

Determining liability is tricky

In any case especially where an accident is involved, it is difficult to determine who’s liable. The lawyer helps in constructing the case and convinces the court that you are not at fault but the other party.

Accidents will always occur and if in case you get involved in one, you don’t have to go it alone. It is only prudent for you to hire an attorney. Look for a law firm with a reputation, someone who will diligently work through your case and deliver justice in your favor.