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You Didn’t Bother To Keep Her And Now You Lost Her

you lost her

You were all she ever wanted.

You were her strength, her hope, her guiding light, her love.

How could you not realize this? How could you not see that she wanted to make you the happiest person in the world?

You allowed yourself to lose the girl who was one of a kind.

She was strong, brave, and smart. She was kind, unselfish, and loyal. She was like a rare gem that everyone wants to posses but only a few are lucky enough to have it. And yeah, you were the lucky one.

But, it seems it didn’t make any difference to you because you treated her like she was worthless. You treated her like she didn’t have feelings, like she was empty. And trust me, it takes a lot of courage to endure that.

This girl wanted the best for you.

She wanted to see you succeed. She supported and motivated you to pursue your highest goals and wildest dreams. She was so proud of you that she wanted to tell the whole world how lucky she was for having you in her life.

This girl stayed by your side when you were at your lowest.

She was giving her best to lift you up and give you hope to move forward. She wanted to help you overcome all your insecurities, problems, and failures.

This girl made you her top priority.

She put your feelings and needs first and neglected her own. While trying to make you happy, she lost a track of herself. She forgot who she was, what she wanted, what she really needed. She gave up her own dreams to help you achieve yours. Because you meant the world to her.

This girl wore her heart on her sleeve.

She showed you how much she loved you every single day. She wasn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side. She opened up to you and let you touch parts of her soul that had never been exposed before.

She wasn’t afraid to love you more than she loved herself. She wasn’t afraid to let her love for you destroy her.

This woman fought with every fiber of her to make things work and save the relationship. Because that’s what you do when you truly love someone. You don’t give up as soon as the first obstacle appears. You don’t give up without exhausting every way to preserve the relationship.

You don’t give up without a fight.

But no! She wasn’t naïve or foolish. She wasn’t naïve for believing that you’d change and realize how much she loved you. For believing in love and its power. For thinking her love would be enough for both of you. She was just patient.

She wanted and needed you in her life.

She knew that every relationship goes through many obstacles, challenges, and trials. She knew that every relationship requires hard work, commitment, patience, loyalty, perseverance, and respect.

She knew that if both partners truly love each other and are headed in the same direction, they will be willing to put in the effort to overcome all difficulties and weather the storm together.

The sad thing is that she believed you were ready to fight for her too, but this wasn’t true.

You couldn’t or didn’t want to see her love, her kindness, her pure soul. You couldn’t see that her heart was beating only for you.

You didn’t believe your relationship was worth the effort. It was easier for you to run away, break her heart, and leave her to pick up the broken pieces alone.

You took her for granted.

You fed her hopes with your pleasant – sounding clichés, blatant lies, pathetic excuses, and empty promises.

You only needed her because she made you feel good about yourself.

Because she was all those things you never were but wanted to. Because she was better than you.

To you, she was always too emotional, too sensitive, too clingy. Yeah, you were never the problem. It was never your fault. It was always hers.

She was the one to blame for things that weren’t her fault. For your bad days, your mistakes, your fits of anger and jealousy, your bad mood. She was the perfect scapegoat.

Well, this wasn’t what she signed up for. She didn’t sign up for the drama and chaos you created in her life. She didn’t want to get her heart broken and her hopes shattered.

She suffered, she cried, she blamed herself, she fought, but she could no longer take it. She had to put an end to her miseries.

She realized you were not the person she thought you were. You were not the person she fell in love with the first time she met you.

She realized you were not her forever person.

You lost her.

But, she didn’t let go of you – you pushed her away. You made her go.

Parting ways with you was the toughest decision she ever had to make. The most painful experience she’d ever had. But she knew that was the most reasonable thing she could do. She knew it would’ve hurt her even more if she’d stayed by your side.

She knew you were never going to stick around. To be there for her like she was for you. To need her like she needed you.

To love and cherish her like she loved you.