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Your Hormones Are Hitting The Roof: 7 Signs You Have Fallen In Love With Someone

you are in love

Magic is in the air and butterflies in the stomach. Have you ever felt like the inside of your stomach is shaking up and trembling? I know, it’s one of the most elevating feelings in the world. You raise your eyebrows when you see that person, you nervously touch your hair, your throat gets dry, your hands sweaty. Your excitement is skyrocketing and you can hardly hide your smile stretching both ways. 

You get this instant rush, and you feel like your whole body is flaming up. Just talking to that person feels like an out of this world experience. Simply magical. Whimsical. Special. 

Time flies when you are together.  You went out to get a drink and bam, it’s 5 AM. Where did the time go? Beginnings are sweet and easy, and when you get talking, you jump from one topic off to another and it all seems so amusing. Getting to know the person you are falling for…nothing seems more intriguing and scary at the same time, doesn’t it?

They make you want to shout from the rooftops. You look at that person’s eyes and they are just so captivating. They make you smile. They fill your heart with joy. Have you ever gotten that rush of adrenaline, that extra air in your chest and you just wanted to shout out to the world how happy they make you and just how much you want to spend the whole day together with them, you don’t feel like doing anything else?

Suddenly, you are up to trying new things. You were never into bowling or into mountain hiking, but somehow, that person is asking you to join them and you are like, Sure, why not? I love me some mountain hiking. You feel like crossing bridges just to be with them. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone to spend time with them – that’s textbook falling in love with someone and forgetting all your principles or boundaries. 

You can’t sleep and you eat less. For all those falling in love, now is your moment to lose that weight you’ve been wanting because nothing says goodbye to an appetite as love does. Your nights have always been sleepless because of Netflix, but now they are because of a person.

Have you caught yourself picturing all possible scenarios in your head when you meet each other and the stuff you are going to talk about, or how will you be dressed and how are you going to look at each other, and it’s all going to be tense…you know what I mean. You desperately want those scenarios to turn into a reality – and that’s a huge sign that you are head over heels for someone. 

You make plans for the future. I always do this. But it’s just, I can’t help it. If someone makes you so happy and if you fit just right, why not spend more time together? You’ve gotten to know them better or you’ve known them forever because you’re been best friends, so why not plan something more than a dinner for two on a Friday night, right? Why not plan a future?

You come across an interesting novel and you can’t help but think if they will like it too? It’s because their opinion matters to you. The people whose opinions we value are usually the ones we want in our lives. Anyhoo, that daydreaming and plan-making? A huge pointer that you are in love, my friend. 

You constantly think about them. It’s the hormones hitting the roof. Skyrocketing. You cringe, hating yourself for being in love. This isn’t you, you always have other things going on, yet you can’t help the smile on your face.  

This has happened to me so many times: you are working, but they are there at the back of your head. You are out with friends or watching a movie, yep, still there. You feel their presence and you want them to be there next to you. Everything you do, you wonder if they will like it? What will they think of it? You are crazy in love and your brain is preoccupied with one thing only: thinking of that person. You like them in all their forms, they are attractive and captivating to you with messy hair, stained shirt, and whatnot.