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Your Wellness Routine can Cause Stress-know when to break free


Having a wellness routine is a must both for a healthy mind and body. But you must be honest with yourself when it comes to matters of taking up routines that don’t suit you or make you stressed instead of being relieved.

This example should clear your mind when a wellness routine becomes stressful. Say you have decided to change your routine to pay attention to your health. Now you took up early morning gym or yoga class. Earlier you had to drop your kids to at school get back home prepare lunch and complete your chores before leaving to pick up your kids from school again, followed by a hectic day around the house and kids. So when earlier you used to get up at 8 am now you have to get up at 5 am (irrespective of what time to go to bed). You come home after gym, do all that you are r quirked to do with taking a break or resting your back. So what does this means, less sleep, more work, and more stress?

That’s what I am talking about. When your wellness routine is not set as per your comfort and realistic estimations things will turn the other way round.

Well, how to know that your wellness routine is killing your mind? Consider these points, if your condition is similar to any one or more of these conditions you need to call it to quit before the harm is done.

1. Reduced sleep time: when your wellness routine is choking on you too much that you are not getting your required amount of sleep, it’s high time to change it.

2. More efforts than you can manage: when the routine becomes so effortful ( remember every wellness routine is effort some to some extent), and you are not able to handle it, and you regularly lose your temper because you are not getting things accomplished, call it off.

3. ‘Me -time’: The concept of ‘me-time’ or my time is very critical to understand, no matter how much work you have or family to take care always find some quiet time for yourself to rest your mind. If you are compromising on this me-time to accommodate a wellness routine, you are not going to like it in some time, and it would give you more stress.

4. When you feel like being stuck: see, this is important to understand, if the wellness routine you are taking isn’t giving back as much as you expected and despite all the efforts, you are stuck on the same page, leave it to analyze what wrong and accommodate changes.

5. Taking up unwanted routines: So, when people take up habits on suggestions, like taking electronic foot massage, only because your friend liked it, and they continue doing it without any positive feeds or even after getting annoyed out of it, just for name sake to have a routine, it sure needs to be changed before it brings stress to you.

Wellness routines must be understood as those that bring positive change to your mind and body. But if you feel like being trapped and feel strangulation and choking on it, please call it off, before the harm is done.