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10 Curious Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know


For many people, coffee is something that they start their day off with so they can be as alert as possible for what they need to do. Some people like to drink coffee all day long. Whatever time they enjoy their coffee, it becomes second nature for them to do so. They do not have to be curious about why they like it because most coffee drinkers have been fans of this beverage for the majority of their lives.

Some People Are Curious About Coffee

There are all kinds of flavours of coffee that people can choose from like a vanilla cold brew coffee. They usually try several different ones before they settle on a favourite of theirs. Once they settle on a specific one, they will generally stick with it until they find something that tastes better to them.

Here Are 10 Curious Facts About Coffee

No matter why a person drinks coffee, they know that it has caffeine in it. This is why it makes them more alert than they would be if they didn’t drink it. Here are 10 curious facts that you might not know about coffee:

1. Seeds Coffee beans are really seeds. They are the pits of berries found on the coffee plant. They call them beans because they resemble legumes.

2. Robusta and Arabica-Robusta and Arabica are the two types of coffee. Robusta has more caffeine in it. People that drink coffee a lot can tell the difference between the two kinds right away.

3. Brazil – Brazil is where the most coffee is grown. Second is Vietnam, they also produce quite a bit of coffee.

4. Two States – Only two states grow coffee plants in the US. They are California and Hawaii. This is because most coffee plants are grown near the equator because of the climate in those areas.

5. Most Expensive – According to Daily Cupo, the most expensive coffee that was sold went for $600 a pound. That is a lot of money for the taste of a favourite beverage.

6. Can Overdose – People can overdose on coffee. It would take about 30 cups in a short amount of time to do so. Most people would never consume that much coffee at any given time.

7. Long Life – Coffee drinkers live longer than people who do not drink this beverage. They tend to be healthier also. This gives coffee drinkers more reasons to enjoy it.

8. Starbucks – The Starbucks Corporation opens two stores per day. Their first store opened 47 years ago in Seattle. Now, there are stores all over the place that coffee drinkers can patronize when they want to. It is a popular place that is a common spot for coffee lovers to gravitate towards. Coffee drinkers can also take advantage of discounts that the chain provides for their customers.

9. Low in Calories – There is only one calorie per cup of black coffee. More calories add up with sugar and cream added to the mixture. If a person is watching their calorie intake, they should make sure that they drink it black.

10. Boston Tea Party – The Boston Tea Party popularized coffee in America. It was common to drink it during that time. Drinking Coffee is Common in America, many people drink coffee. They love how it tastes, and it makes them feel good. People have all kinds of choices for the types of coffee that they want to drink. It is a choice that they love to have.

Since many people are curious about coffee, they now know that it is healthy for them to drink it. Knowing this can give a person more reasons to add it to their shopping list on a regular basis. They should remember to take advantage of any savings they can come across when they are purchasing coffee. Coupons come in handy for coffee drinkers all over the globe, as well as special promotions and coffee clubs. Ordering a coffee in quantities can also bring in savings. In whatever ways people get their coffee, they will continue to enjoy it well into the future. It is a beverage that will not lose its popularity any time soon.