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10 Stunning Hair Colors for Darker Skin Tones

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Are you still a hair dye virgin and are now ready to make a change? If yes, you have landed on the right page. 

Let’s accept it; choosing the best hair color is as challenging as making a significant life decision. This is especially true if you are doing it for the first time and have a unique and beautiful dark skin tone. Of course, you can always choose to play safe, but there’s no fun in that. 

So, if you are ready for a much-needed hair evolution, dig in to explore ten stunning hair colors that will definitely compliment your skin tone perfectly. (1)

Hair Colors That Will Suit You

To save yourself from a hair disaster, it is always wise to evaluate your skin tone before choosing a hair color. For instance, at times, colors such as platinum blonde or gray don’t get along with darker skin tone, and that’s alright. 

However, if you are comfortable in your skin, you won’t mind experimenting with shades that give you an overall praise-worthy appearance. Here are a few hair color options for you:


If you want to go for something bold, red hair color stands out with dark skin. This color helps create a perfect contrast and even makes your skin glow. That said, you can’t just go for every red shade that you find suitable.

Burgundy and ombre hair give away a vibrant outlook and go well for all hair lengths. Besides, if you want to keep your black or brown hair, go for red highlights that are pretty easy to maintain as well. 

You can experiment with your red hair in many ways. And that is a plus for anyone who loves playing around with their haircuts and hairstyles. 


One of the best things about brown hair color for dark skin tones is that it looks incredibly natural. However, many of you might think this color may get boring with time. 

Well, brown hair color has many shades; for instance, reddish-brown, golden, and ash are some of the most popular categories for a brown dye that are worth trying. Also, if you plan to give your hair a shiny look, take a risk and go for bronze brown. 


If you want to experiment, go for a stunning coppery wash. This hair color is an excellent blend of orange and gold tones and will uplift your mood every time you see yourself in the mirror. 

Royal Purple

Just because you have a dark skin tone doesn’t mean you can’t go darker. Dark purple hair color may sound bold, but it is perfect for IT girls that don’t shy away from showing their wild sides. However, make sure you commit to this color for a long time because removing it may take many efforts and sessions. 

Pale Pink

Hair that looks like cotton candy? Sounds great! If you love pastels and can’t wait to incorporate them into your hair, start coloring your hair with a unique pale pink shade. 

That said, maintaining such a color might get intimidating, but request your colorist to prepare you a color package that you can reapply when required. 


One of the best qualities of this hair color is that it doesn’t make your hair look heavy or flat. Instead, mocha has hints of light shades that keep it balanced and more dimensional. It is a perfect color for anyone who doesn’t want to go all out. 

Burnt Caramel

Do you want your hair to have hints of both gold and red? In that case, burnt caramel is your shade. 

This luscious hair color goes well with all types of dark skins. And the most exciting thing is that celebrities like Rihanna have flaunted this hair color proudly for quite a long time. 

Caramel Lights

Choose caramel lights with a dark base that perfectly offsets the comparatively light hues. This color goes well for dark and light skin tones and instantly gives rich and trendy vibes. 

Electric Blue

Did anyone say blue for hair? We hear you loud and clear and confirm that electric blue truly stands out on dark skins. However, we think short blue hair looks much better than long ones, so get a haircut if you can’t wait to look divine. 

Fire Orange

Your beautiful hazel eyes and brown complexion will brighten up with fiery orange hair color. However, it is a tricky color to handle, so make sure to consult a stylist and let them perform a strand test, making sure that it suits your hair length and texture well. 


Thankfully, you have many hair color options for dark skin to swoon over. From red to fiery orange, you will be spoilt for options. First, however, make sure that your final color choice reflects your personality and that you are comfortable flaunting the shade. (2)