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10 Things About Women Which Women Are Usually Too Embarrassed To Share With You Themselves

a woman won't tell you

Guys, just because you have mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and female friends and co-workers, don’t think that you know everything about women.

Here are 10 things about being a woman which women are usually too embarrassed to share with you themselves:

1. Tired.

Yes, we are tired. We’re tired of hearing men making comments about our breasts or legs while we’re standing right there in front of them. We’re tired of dealing with the humiliation of just being a woman.

We’re tired of hearing that we live in a gender-equal society when we all know that’s not true. We’re tired of fighting for what should have already been given to us.

2. Periods.

Periods- the reason why I’ve said countless times, “I wish I was a man.” Even though we are now 30, our periods are still a traumatic experience. I mean, imagine this: One day, you are just a happy, careless boy and the next, all of a sudden you are feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, crying while you watch Friends, and swallowing Ibuprofen as if they are Tic Tacs.

Did I just hear you say WTF?! Well, that’s exactly what we think and say every month.

3. Talking.

Yes, women love to talk. We enjoy talking about the things that make us happy. We love talking about our partners, children, career.

Yes, we simply enjoy talking and sharing knowledge. That’s why we really hate it when we hear men say things, like: “Women talk all the time,” or “It’s men that are being silenced these days, not women.”

4. Fear.

Yes, we are scared. But, we don’t want to talk about our fears to you because it’s a little annoying and we’d rather talk about things that make us happy than about what makes us feel insecure and scared.

5. Abortion.

You might think that there’s absolutely no reason why we should be embarrassed to talk about abortion, but just imagine that you get pregnant accidentally at 15 and then having to walk past hundreds of anti-abortion protestors shouting and holding up signs and photos of dead fetuses. Is there any way you could deal with this in a civilized, calm, and polite manner? No, not really.

You’d more likely be like, “I assume that your concern  for the welfare of kids turns into a life spent donating your salaries to charities and care homes and volunteering in hospitals for children while you don’t give a f*ck about women that have been harassed and raped and that are now just trying to get a safe medical procedure so that they don’t ruin the rest of their lives!!!

6. “The Man.”

What we need you to understand is that when we talk with our BFF about “The Man,” we are not actually talking about you.  You are just … John, Marc, Nick, or you name it.

When we are talking about “The Man,” we are simply singling out the cause of the problem.

7. Saying the word “feminism.”

I’m certainly not going to explain what feminism is or try to convince every guy out there that feminists DON’T hate men.

All I’m trying to say is that we feel a little embarrassed about saying the word “feminism” since it has this slight implication, “Now I am going to talk about what an amazing person I am” – and that’s certainly not what we want to talk about when we say this word.

8. Clothes.

What we wear is extremely important to us. That’s why you shouldn’t go crazy when you see us standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes and complaining that, “I don’t have anything to wear.” Because what we actually mean is, “I have nothing to wear for who I want and need to be today.”

And another reason why it takes us so much time to choose what clothes to buy or wear is that we know that appearance TRULY MATTERS.

9. Carbs.

Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Enough with them. You know what? Low-carb diet actually sucks. When it comes to guys and dating, our ultimate goal is to find a partner we can lie on the couch with, watching 6 episodes of GOT in a row and eating French fries. Who cares about the carbs?

10. Trainers.

Do you remember when I told you the other night that someone had broken into our apartment and stolen your old trainers? Well, that was actually me. I threw those awful dirty trainers away. I could no longer stand seeing you wearing them.

10 Things About Women Which Women Are Usually Too Embarrassed To Share With You Themselves