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10 Things Your Partner Has No Idea You Are Doing Because You’re Scared Of Losing Him


Love is not always as easy as it seems. It is not always the same as it is in those fairy tale stories. Sometimes it makes us go crazy. And sometimes it makes us feel afraid.

Afraid of losing the most important person in our life. Afraid of losing the one true love of our life. Afraid of having our heartbroken to pieces. Afraid of never finding love again…

Here are 10 things that your partner may not realize that you are doing because you are scared of losing him:

1. You get upset whenever something goes wrong. You are terrified that the smallest argument will instantly escalate and turn into a breakup. You are paranoid about losing him. You don’t know what you would do without him. If this is the case, I have to be honest with you. I am sensing extreme codependency here. Be careful with your heart.

2. You cannot handle your fights, no matter how trivial they are. Every time you have a disagreement, your first reaction is crying. You are too emotional and too paranoid about getting into a fight with him because the first thing that pops into your mind is the thought of ending up all alone.

3. You want to know more about his ex-partners. You are worried that he may not be as happy as he once was. So, you want to know everything about his past. You are obsessed with it. All you want is to be loved with the same intensity that you love him.

4. You are overprotective and very territorial. You don’t need much to get jealous.  Having other people around him makes you anxious and insecure. In fact, you find it very hard to control yourself when he talks to another woman.

5. You constantly call him or text him. You are trying hard not to suffocate him, but you are doing the exact opposite. You tell him that you want to check up on him when the only thing you want to know is where he is going. Reality check: Love has nothing to do with this. You are terrified of ending up all alone.

6. You keep asking him how much he loves you. You need reassurance for his feelings. There is a voice inside of you that makes you question everything that he does. Something in you believes that he may wake up tomorrow and decide to leave you for good.

7. You pretend that you are fine when you are clearly not. You stay away from drama. You don’t want him to think that you are always complaining. So, you suck it up and stay silent.

8. You spend most of your time with him. Everything you have, you give to him, hoping that it will be enough for him to love you the way you love him.

9. You let him make most of the decisions on his own. You sacrifice yourself for him. Whatever he wants is fine by you. Well, not completely fine, but you accept it either way. Somehow his happiness means more to you than your own.

10. You let him get away with things that really bother you. You are pissed at him for not calling you, but you don’t want to complain and start a fight with him because then you might scare him away. You might upset him. So, you settle for whatever he gives you. But deep down you know that it is not enough. It never will be.