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10 Things You’ve Started Doing Because You Are Hurting And You’re Desperately Trying To Hide It


You have sadness in your eyes, yet you choose to hide it with your surprisingly radiant smile. You have sorrow in your soul, yet you somehow choose to shine with your heart.

You are strong. You’ve been through hell, but somehow you are holding on just fine. I have no idea where you get your strength from, but I just want you to know that it is fine to break down if you feel like it.

I know that you’d never show your weakness, but still. I need you to understand that there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. You are a human being with a beating heart between your chest. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are going through.

Here are 10 signs that you are hurting but you are desperately trying to hide that from everyone:

1. You try to be as busy as you can. Whether it is work or a new hobby, you always do your best to stay distracted from your pain.

2. You gladly focus on solving other people’s problems than your own. You avoid getting into your personal issues, because every time you do it, it gets very messy. As a result, instead of solving your own problems, you gladly solve other people’s issues. You know that this is not helping you, but you are too afraid to face your demons.

3. You drown yourself in music. Your music is your safe place. There are a few songs that you can relate to and listening to them sets your mind free. It almost feels like the author knows exactly what you are going through. That is your only escape.  

4. You avoid having eye contact with certain people. Those are the ones who know exactly how your heart beats. Those are the ones who can see through your soul and feel the pain inside of you.

5. You barely say no to people. You are always available to hang out with people or lend them a helping hand. Your answer is always yes. The more you do other stuff, the less you will have to think about your problems.

6. You are not honest when people ask you how you are feeling. You are always smiling and saying that you are fine. But deep down you are not. The smile on your face may convince everyone that you are happy, but that doesn’t change the fact that your heart is full of sorrow.

7. You fall apart every time you are on your own. That is when all the masks fall down. That is when your shield is down. That is when you are the real you. And that is the only moment when you can truly be yourself.

8. You are constantly overthinking everything. Even though you know that dwelling on the past and regretting your choice won’t change a thing, you still do it. Your mind is full of harmful thoughts and you can’t seem to stop them.

9. You indulge in vices to get your mind off your pain. You go out, drink until you no longer feel a thing. You go to bed in the morning. You get up late at night. You are basically trying everything that will help you get your mind off your pain.

This is no way to help yourself. You are only repressing your emotions.

10. You think making jokes on your account in front of others will alleviate your pain. And it seems like it really does the trick. But most of the time you end up even more depressed. That is because you are not working on yourself.