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12 Effective Ways Positive People Separate Themselves From Negative Energy


Negativity can be found everywhere. Whether it’s people complaining just for the sake of doing it, bad habits ruling over our day-to-day activities, or just life taking us on a different turn, it has a subtle way of nesting in our existence and leave us disoriented.

However, it’s our decision to make if we choose to fight this feeling or let it consume our lives. All it takes is just the right amount of positive thought and willpower.

There are those rare amazing people that manage to master the art of positive thinking and perhaps the best way for us to learn avoiding the sources of negative energy is by simply applying these eternal rules that they follow.

Here are their 12 most effective ways of separating themselves from all kinds of negative energy.

1. They practice positive thinking  

Psychology and spirituality teach us that our thoughts determine our life. The more we surround our mind with positive thoughts, the more they reflect our lives and our day-to-day experiences.  Positive people know that only positive affirmations can lead to a successful and happy life.  

2. Their happiness comes from within

Positive upbeat people know that the only spring of happiness is the one they carry within themselves. Their happiness and positivity don’t rely on external sources. Because, deep down, they know that once that external stimulant vanishes, their state of joy can easily diminish. 

3. They believe in themselves

They know that the only key to a prosperous and beautiful life is to believe in yourself. There are thousands of reasons that encourage us to do so, no matter how worthless and deserted we might feel. Believe in yourself when nobody else does. 

4. They cut off negativity from their life

Negativity is everywhere around us, just like the air we breathe. But it’s up to us to immediately cut it loose from our lives or let it wash all over us.  Positive people have learned that the only way to protect themselves from those dark entities is to is to embrace a more positive perspective on life.

5. They spend time recharging in nature

Spending time in nature rejuvenates our mind, soul, and body. Positive people know that in order to lead a life through mindfulness and tranquility, one must first become one with nature, the very source of our existence.

6. They take full responsibility for their actions

Positive people have a high sense of responsibility for everything that happens in their life. Whether it’s a failure or success, they take full responsibility for their behavior. They are conscious that all of their actions are bound to have some sort of reaction or a consequence and every little failure its just another step closer to their desired destination.

7. They consider failure as another important life lesson

As said before, there’s no such thing as failure to positive people. It’s just another way to grow and learn. They know that the key to success is never giving up, no matter how many times they’ve failed. It is only with positive thinking that we can expect and achieve so much in life. 

8. They know how to control their thoughts

You know how the saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”. The mind is the most powerful tool we possess, but at the same time can be the most dangerous weapon. It only takes a little negativity to be brought out of control. Positive beings know how to control their thoughts in order to control the course of their actions. 

9. They make time to relax

It is important that we always make some time off our hectic weekly agendas and just… RELAX. We live in a restless society, so sometimes it is better if we just stop for a second and slow down.

10. They’ll always find a solution

Life as we know it can be so unpredictable that sometimes it can hit us hard and throw us off balance. In these situations, people tend to lose their self-confidence and find it hard to find the optimal solution to move on.

But positive people have a perfect mechanism to overcome these difficult situations by maintaining an optimistic and constructive approach to every outcome. There is a solution for everything, you just have to look closely.

11. They know when to say no

Leading a peaceful life often requires taking some strict measures and precautions in order to protect your well-being from the claws of every day’s energy-vampires. That’s why it’s vital to learn to say NO when you feel like it. Positive people focus on their priorities instead of constantly pleasing others.

12. They don’t need anyone’s approval

Positive people don’t allow to dwell on everybody’s opinions about their actions. If you let people project their fears and judgment on your goals, it’s likely you’ll end up demotivated. Don’t let them rain on your parade because the truth is, people will always have something mean to say. And it’s known for a fact – that says a more about them than it says about you.