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4 subtle signs that your partner is cheating on you


Cheating is often associated with hindsight. Once it comes to light, you look back and realiz­­e the signs were there all along; you did not want to see them. The cheater does everything in his/her power to cloak the truth and make everything appear normal, but there are some subtle hints that you will see. At first, you might brush them off and choose to trust your­­ partner especially if you have been together for a long time, but it starts to become a pattern and if you want to see them you will. Once you see some red flags, do your due diligence and confront them. If that yields nothing, then take matters into your own hands and investigate. Everything you need to tell you the truth lies in your partner’s phone; the text messages, the calls, his/her social media activity. That is where it all begins. You can get an app to spy on your spouse to get the answers you need. Below are some of the subtle hints of a cheating partner. (1)

  1. Changed schedule

When you notice a change in your partner’s program, then there is cause for concern. Perhaps they might start ‘working late’ which is always a sure giveaway, or it might be subtle like a shift in his routine when he comes home. Maybe before they would get back, talk to you or out for a jog, but now once they get home, they have to take a shower first. Monitor such things. They might seem like nothing, but you should pick up on them.

  1. Increased random gifts

When your partner starts gifting you randomly, something they were not doing before, you might want to get an app to spy on them. It is often their guilty conscience trying to mask the fact that their cheating on you so they try to overcompensate so that you do not notice what they are doing behind your back.

  1. Suddenly picking up new interests

When you’re partner starts spurting facts about things you had no idea they had an interest in, it might be an effect their lover has on them. People tend to pick up new likes from people they admire and are intimately involved. You might want to investigate where all this interest is coming from by checking their phones.

  1. Changed sex patterns

It can go two ways, one, your spouse might show less interest in having sex with you, second, your spouse might want to change things up, perhaps be more adventurous, something they may have picked up from their lover. Less sex may mean that their lover satisfies them more, and they no longer have the interest to have sex with you. It is cause for alarm, and you might want to dive into some investigating.

Cheating is a painful experience, and the feeling of betrayal is so hurtful that many may choose to overlook it and blindly trust their partner. You are better of finding out the truth and decide on whether you want to work things through or pull the plug. Remember, more often than not, if they cheated once, they are more likely to cheat again, and in realizing this, it is better to walk away. (2)