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5 Different Types of Plants to Consider for Your Home

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Are you trying to figure out the different types of plants to consider for your home? Read this article to learn about different types of plants to consider.

Are you tired of looking at the same four walls when you come home every day? Do you love the outdoors and want to bring a little of it into your home? Do you fancy yourself with a little bit of a green thumb?

If so, then it’s time for you to consider growing some indoor plants in your house! Plants can add a spark of color and life into a formerly drab home, revitalizing it with new life.

If you’re in the market for some indoor plants, remember all the different types of plants out there were not created equal. Different plant types offer a variety of aesthetics and thrive in different conditions. 

To help you choose the right vegetation options for your living space, we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll go through five of the best types of plants for home use.

  1. Cacti

One of the most popular options for indoor plants is the good old cactus. You may have studied in elementary school how this unique plant flourishes in the desert with little amounts of water, but you may not have ever considered it for your home.

If you’re able to put it in a spot where it will receive a lot of natural light, then a cactus could be the best option for your home. They offer a unique, old-timey aesthetic that could go well with the rest of your decoration.

  1. Indoor Palm

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of the vibe offered by the tropics into your home, then look no further than an indoor palm.

These plants grow to a formidable size at a few feet tall and can fill up an empty corner of your house amazingly well. The foilage will spread out over time and may need to be trimmed. Like monstera, they need lots of sunlight and water.

  1. Succulents

Succulents have a similar look to cacti but don’t grow as tall as their desert-originated counterparts. Like cacti, succulents will require lots of sunlight.

  1. Hanging Basket

The hanging basket can provide quite a unique look in your home. This type of foliage develops into a rough, tangled, aesthetically-pleasing mess that is perfectly framed by a basket hanging from your ceiling. If you want to wow your guests with a plant that looks impressive, then look no further than the hanging basket.

  1. Trailing and Climbing Plants

Last but certainly not least, if you want the plant in question to take up a lot of real estate on your wall, then consider going in for a trailing and climbing plant. This plant type just keeps growing and growing and looks great when grown and pinned along a wall.

Which of These Types of Plants Is Right for You?

Now that you know the best house plants, you can decide which of these types of plants is right for you. There’s no such thing as the perfect plant—figure out what will fit the unique aesthetic for your home and go for it!

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