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5 Things to Learn Before Writing a Character


Character analysis can be written by anybody but it can be especially difficult for beginners. If you’re thinking about writing a character analysis then I’m very pleased to tell you that you’re on the right track. It is one of the most important and useful aspects of creative writing. Here are 8 things to learn before writing a character analysis.

It’s not a fast process!

In fact, it can take months of painstakingly building and developing a character before you can write a complete character analysis. So if you’re just starting out you might want to start with a simple character study or a character sketch. You can always add details as you go along but if you’re writing a scene or a piece, you need to get into character. So, let’s talk about types of character analysis essay.

Types of Character Analysis Essay

Typical personality profiling, as we have seen, is done through descriptions of a character’s personality and behavior. This is called descriptive writing. The goal is to give readers a picture of the character’s personality and how he or she behaves. There are several different ways to approach character personality testing. Here are some to try:

Character Traits & Traits Description

This type of character profile describes a character’s general traits and behaviors. It’s not about characterizing a character “personally.” For instance, if you’re writing about a character’s love interest then your description will be focused on that characteristic. In a trait profile, you describe a character’s most significant behaviors. It’s about the way that character behaves. You’ll explain what makes him tick and how he goes from being irritable to outright loving every time you mention his name.

Personality Traits & Traits Description

This kind of profile describes a character’s inner traits. These traits are usually revealed through specific descriptions of behavior. Examples include: A character that doesn’t like to sweat but still works out because his favorite hobby is working out.

Emotional Attributes

Characters that have defined characteristics can be emotionally complex characters. Think about dysfunctional families: there’s usually one character that’s completely emotionally shut down and the others are completely over the top with their emotions. They may show great anger but they don’t communicate it outwardly. This is a strong type of character. Remember, this type of trait isn’t usually shown by a character in a story until the writer notices that the character is going through a change. For example, a character becomes depressed because he’s failed at something he was passionate about and decides to take his own life.

Character Physicality

Characters can have distinct physical characteristics such as: tall or short, dark or light, long or short hair, freckled or fair skin etc. Think about your friends and how many physical characteristics do they have? Compare this list to the description you want to write for the character in order to get an idea of how much the character varies from others.

Character Sheet

This type of sheet is used to write out information about a character before using descriptive words. For example: Jane has blue eyes and brown hair. I’ll describe her features in the next bullet point. Write down all of the strengths and weaknesses that character possesses and their daily habits. This will give you a good idea of how to begin writing a character sheet.

Break down the character sheet into sub-lists. This should be done even more thoroughly if you plan on writing a novel. For example: Jane has red hair. This means that red is not only her favorite color but is also a part of her personality. Write that down too. Then start writing from left to right as you think of new qualities that you’ve discovered about Jane.

Bottom Line

Change the descriptions each time you write a new one. You don’t have to rewrite everything. Just move it around to see which description will make the most sense and help you write the most unique character. Also consider using initials for first names. I like to use initials for first names and last names only for middle names and last names.

I hope these tips on how to learn before writing a character will help you get started. This is an essential skill for any writer. When in doubt, I recommend you https://writemyessay4me.org/. Uncompromised high quality and affordable prices. If you want your story to be successful then you need to understand your audience. This means learning what will interest your readers. After you learn these 5 things to learn before writing a character, you’ll be well on your way to creating characters that your readers will love. Good luck with your writing!