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5 Types of Worker’s Compensation Injuries 

Worker's Compensation Injuries 

Do you know that back injuries cause workers in the construction industry to miss more work than any other kind of injury? Interestingly, back injuries constitute 25% of all types of work injuries – but what many people often forget is that they can get appropriate compensation for their back injuries through worker’s compensation insurance.

Worker’s compensation is a form of social insurance, originally introduced at least a century ago, to provide medical care and monetary assistance to employees who sustain an injury on the job. An exciting thing about worker’s compensation is that it’s a no-fault system – you are eligible to receive benefits irrespective of who is at fault for your injury. However, the benefits are available for those who know they have a claim and their injuries are covered under this insurance system. Understanding work accident law can be very helpful when dealing with a work injury.  

What it implies is that to take advantage of worker’s compensation insurance, you need to have complete information about the types of injuries covered under this plan. Here’s a list of top five injuries for which you will surely get paid under workmen’s compensation insurance. If you have sustained any of these injuries, consult with a Chicago work accident attorney to help you understand your rights. 

Repetitive Trauma

You can file a claim if the repetitive movement of a certain body part caused you an injury. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common type of repetitive trauma injury, which occurs due to the constant use of a computer. Back injuries in the construction industry may be a result of repetitive pushing, lifting, pulling or carrying.

Traumatic Physical Injuries

You can receive benefits for a traumatic physical injury caused by a specific work-related activity. For instance, if your work involves using a ladder and you fall off of it, you can receive benefits for your injuries. Similarly, if you sustain an injury for hyper-extending your arm while arranging a shelf at work, you will have a claim because the injury falls in the category of traumatic physical injuries.

Occupational Diseases

Sometimes, you have to work in a hazardous environment where the safety measures aren’t up to the desired standard. In such situations, you may end up getting an occupational disease that usually results from exposure to certain elements/chemicals at work. Take for example a coal miner who sustains a lung injury from inhaling coal dust, they will qualify for worker’s compensation benefits.

Mental Injuries

All types of mental injuries that happen because of workplace accidents are covered under this program. Mental injuries may be a result of emotional strain or they occur due to physical injuries. If you hit your head with a piece of equipment and sustain a mental injury, this is a form of physical injury. However, if you experience serious emotional stress from working extra hours or witnessing a hand amputation at work, this is a mental injury resulting from emotional trauma.

A Car Accident

If you’re traveling for work and have a car accident, you may qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. The interesting thing is that even if the accident was your fault, you will still be compensated for lost earnings and medical care. However, if you think the accident was not your fault, you may also file a personal injury claim against a third party.