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Emotional Trauma: Can You Experience Depression After a Car Accident?


Do you feel sleepy and unmotivated? These are possible symptoms of depression, but is it normal to get depression after a car accident? Read on for more.

Car accidents happen when we least expect them and we’re never ready for how much they can impact our lives. If you’re feeling sleepy, unmotivated, or just unprepared to face the day after you’ve been in a car accident, then you’re not alone. 

Depression after a car accident affects people in many different ways and for many different reasons.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and you’re wondering if you’re suffering from depression, then there might be a few symptoms that you’re dealing with. 

Keep reading for our guide on the possible symptoms of depression after a car accident. 

Migraines or Headaches

Many times when people think of depression they only focus on mental health but experiencing migraines or headaches more often is a sign of depression after your car accident too. 

The thing about depression headaches is that they tend not to go away with treatment either. Everyone gets headaches every so often but if you are getting them more after your accident, then you may be depressed. 

Make sure that you’re following up with your doctor especially one that specializes in auto injuries. You should also look into how to find a doctor after a car accident to get the proper treatment for any injuries. 

Different Sleeping Pattern

Do you now find yourself sleeping a lot after a car accident or even staying up all night? Changes in your sleeping pattern can definitely be a sign of depression. 

Many people who suffer from depression find themself staying up late at night because of insomnia. You could lay in bed tossing and turning all night and never fall asleep.

On the other hand, once you do fall asleep, then you may never want to get out of bed in the morning. 

Depression also causes people to have a lack of energy throughout their day. It is such an intense feeling that just sleeping better won’t solve their energy shortage. 

If you’re feeling overly tired yet still unable to sleep after your car accident, then you may be depressed. Make sure to talk with your doctor about your sleep troubles.


When it comes to experiencing anxiety you might be wondering what to expect after a car accident. Anxiety after a car accident means that you’re more than just a little worried each day. It may mean that you’re suffering from panic attacks, becoming excessive about something, or even developing phobias. 

Anxiety and depression don’t always go hand in hand but sometimes your anxiety can lead to depression. Yet, after something as traumatic as a car accident, they usually do accompany one another. 

If you feel like you’re experiencing anxiety and depression together, then this is something that you should definitely talk with your doctor about. 

Experiencing Depression After a Car Accident 

If you think you’re suffering from depression after a car accident, then it is completely normal. Depression can come in many different forms and can happen because it might feel like you weren’t in control of the situation. 

Do you best to push through every day but take time to heal from the accident. 

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