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5 Ways to prepare for An Exam for Excellent Performance


When the days of exam come closer a feeling of palpitation conquers the mind of students appearing for either board or university exams. Such experiences can be easily managed if proper planning is done. We have a few tips with us which we would like to share to make your exam preparations easy.

Create an organized place for study:

You need to ensure that your study table is having enough space for the proper spreading of textbooks as well as notes. The table needs to be at the right angle to help your focus on your books. The chair must be a comfortable one for sitting.  Computer and mobile should be out of sight from the study table to avoid distraction.

Prepare a time table covering all subjects:

Prepare a time table which covers each paper or subject of your course. There should not be anything left for the last minute. First pen down the dates of exam for every subject, Chapters to be revised per subject, and the number of days left for each exam. Now plan your study habits based on these factors.

Collect previous year question papers:

You can take help of your seniors and collect previous year test papers from them. Practice writing the answer of questions keeping a track of time. This will help you to manage time for every question to complete the paper well before time. You need to keep some time for revision of the answers.

Drink Plenty of water and take breaks:

It is advisable for you to take a minimum of 2 liters of water daily to keep the body hydrated and energized. It will keep you active while studying hard. Make a habit of taking a break after every 30 mines to 1 hr gap. It will help your brain to regain focus.

Take healthy food and do the exercise:

Avoid taking too much spicy and oily food at least starting from a month before your exams. Too much oily food may cause acidity and make you weaker from inside. Include fresh and vitamin enriched items in your diet. Do 30 mins of exercise every day to keep you active.

Include supplements:

To help your brain support you during your exam days it is important to take brain boosters or supplements. NitroVit is one such product which empowers the brain and improves your power to focus on studies, enhances productivity, and memorization capability. It reduces stress and makes you capable to concentrate more on studies. It is FDA-approved. You can call this magical product as focus pill which helped many students in concentrating well on studies.

Check the rules and regulations of the exam center/board:   

Ensure you have the hall ticket in place with you. Check if there are any prohibited items which are not allowed in exam hall like mobile. Take a note of the entry time in the exam hall as you need to reach there at least 10 minutes before time.

Above are a few ways and tips which you can follow to prepare for your exams and perform well.