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7 Creative Ways to Tell Your Partner That You’re Pregnant in 2020


If you’re reading this, the chances are significantly high that you’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant. For that, we believe congratulations are in order. Welcome to the club!

Childbearing is a wonderful experience. When shared with the right person, it can take on even more significance. It can herald the start of a family with someone you truly love.

Breaking the news of a pregnancy is something we all get to do. It’s customary that women find out before their partners and have to be the ones to deliver the news. While most people are too thrilled to keep the news for too long and tell their partners in the bluntest way, some of us like to go a bit extra.

Maybe he’d already left for work when you found out. You might have even known for a few days but are just biding your time to find the most creative way to let him known. Maybe you like a little bit of drama and want to do it with some pizzazz. That’s fine. It’s your happy day, and you should have fun breaking the news.

There’s no text-book way to break the news to your significant other. The purpose of this article is to give you ideas to experiment with within your head. It is expected that whatever you go with is a personal adaptation of whatever approach you choose to go with. What makes organizing a flamboyant pregnancy reveal to your partner worth it is that it’s your original idea, much like the baby.

Here are a couple of creative ways to let your partner in on the little human on the way:

Get the Kids to Do It:

If you already have kids, you can make telling your partner the news a family affair. You can get one of the kids to meet him on his way back from work with a t-shirt indicating a new baby is on the way. You can stay in a nearby room to listen in on the conversation that ensues as he begins to figure it out.

Hide Your Test Results:

Deliberately placing your test results in places you know your partner frequents can be fun too. The confusion on his face when he finds the test results will be priceless, his mind racing towards the only possible reason there is a positive pregnancy kit lying carelessly around.

You can even feign ignorance when he finally brings himself to ask the obvious questions. How long you’ll be able to hold it for, though, is another question entirely.

Most digital pregnancy tests leave the results on for a couple of hours (sometimes up to 48 hours) after the test has been taken. That gives you ample time to plan your reveal.

Let Him Find It in The Mail

Some people may prefer to redo their tests at a hospital just to be sure before sharing. Although pregnancy kits are typically accurate, there have been a few reported cases of false positives. If this is your situation, for any other reason you had to go to the hospital to get tested, there’s an opportunity there for you to have a grand pregnancy reveal.

While the results are typically available in a few minutes, you can choose to have a physical copy delivered to your home. The downside to this is that you may have to wait a few days to share the news. You can ask him to check the mail when you’re sure the delivery has been done. If he’s not aware of the test, you can be sure he’ll be shocked to see a mail from your healthcare provider.

For more twang, you can order a hardback book on fatherhood or any other related topic. That way, he can easily get the message.

Give Him A Present:

This is one of the most straightforward options in this list, but it can be applied creatively. It’s also ideal for scenarios where you don’t live together with him. Gifts are the most obvious way after just telling him. For extra effects, you can make use of the things he likes. If he is a book-worm, you can surprise him with some books on becoming a dad or raising a child. For a sports fan, you can get him a father and child jersey pack.

If he’s a shoe-person, you can purchase baby shoes and put them in adult packs as a gift for him. You can go extra by placing an order for baby stuff and inputting his name as the recipient. He’ll be surprised (and probably confused) as to when he paid for, why he has to sign off for baby stuff. 

Leave Clues Around the House:

The goal of this idea is to get him to put the clues together by himself. If your partner is the curious type, he will be sure to notice stray pregnancy magazines and books lying around the house. While it might take some time for him to figure it out, the glee when he finds out makes it worth it. Besides, you may also catch a few puzzled looks just for laughs.

To make it obvious, you could go as far as buying baby onesie with a cheeky design and leaving it in a conspicuous location. He’ll be wondering what onesie saying, “Hey Dad, Mom says Hi” on the sofa. You can find a couple of funny onesies that’ll catch his attention here: http://bitsybugboutique.com/collections/funny-baby-onesies

A cheeky alternative is to subscribe to a baby tracking service through his electronic devices. Once you subscribe, you can activate push notifications for the service. He’s sure to have a lot of questions when he starts getting notifications about being five weeks pregnant.

Make A baby-themed Dinner:

This is one option that allows for a lot of variety as regards how you make the announcement. Your choice will largely depend on the kind of family you have and the kind of dinner you both enjoy. The first rule, and only rule, is to make not make it obvious that you have something to tell him.

If you’re not the eat out type of family, you can make a meal that hints at your being pregnant. You could make a meal with baby potatoes and baby back ribs and let him figure out what the theme of the meal is. You could even put a literal bun in the oven and ask for him help to get it. He should get the message there. Another option is to make a custom order from your favorite takeout place. You can tell them to include notes or other clues that egg him toward the answer.

If you’re eating out, you should first make inquiries at the restaurant to know what they can custom make for your occasion. It could be a dessert of cookies with a note inside, or the message could be the literal and metaphorical icing on a cake.

Let Him Find It First

Okay, this is a plot twist on all the other ideas. If you’ve not taken the test yet, but you feel you might be pregnant, this is something to try out. Many signs indicate that a woman may be pregnant. If you notice one or two of them, it’s okay to suspect that you’re already with child. Some of the early signs are:

  • A missed period: This is the most common signal among women because once conception takes place, the female ovary stops ovulating (i.e., producing ovum), which is the main reason for menstruation.
  • Swollen breasts as your body prepare itself for breastfeeding.
  • Nausea, which may result in throwing up. It’s more commonly known as morning sickness but can present itself at any time of the day.
  • Fatigue and sometimes dizziness.

There are some other symptoms, but none of them, including the four above, confirm your being pregnant. You will still have to take a test to be completely sure even after noticing the symptoms. You can use a digital test kit to confirm your hopes. It also presents you with a unique opportunity to make it memorable. If you share bathrooms, you can go in before him, take the test and leave it there without checking. That way, you both share in the surprise of finding out. Of course, it’s understandable that most of us won’t be able to handle the wait to find out.


How you choose to inform you’re significant other can either be a forgettable event, or you can make it memorable. Since you’ve made it all the way to the end of the article, we believe it’s because you choose the latter. If you want to capture your pregnancy reveal and share it on social media, that’s great too. You can kill two birds with one stone by sharing the video with your friends and acquaintances.

Regardless of what you decide to do, the most important thing is to have fun doing it. Pregnancy is a long journey; you should make sure to start it on a great note and have a healthy pregnancy.