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7 reasons that will ruin a relationship in less than 3 years



If you find things that are not working well in your relationship anymore, it is probably time to look out for answers. While many believe that the fading of love in relationships is one of life’s greatest mysteries, you can look out for signs and reasons why you are heading for a fantasy bond where real love gets replaced by fantasy love.

So what are the reasons that ruin a relationship?

Why does love fade away in a relationship? Or

Why do relationships grow apart?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, LiveTray has got you covered. We have rounded up seven reasons that will ruin a relationship in less than three years.

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  1. Not accepting each other’s thoughts and behaviors

One of the main pillars of a relationship is accepting your partner as who they are and how they behave. If you start finding flaws in your partner’s ways of seeing life, you might end up ruining your relationship. Trying to be dominant or forcing things on your partner can put a dent in your relationship, which will undoubtedly end with arguments and disagreements.

According to experts, change in one’s life has to be natural, but forcing your partner to change their lifestyle can lead to a loss of love and faith in your relationship. These changes eventually lead to disputes, quarrels, and tensions that come with adverse effects on your emotional connection.

  1. Taking things more personally

If you take things more personally, relationships tend to lose love and affection, leading to unnecessary fights and arguments. When you stretch little rows for days and weeks, the stressful environment you create may hamper your relationship.

It all ends up learning to live your life with respect and trust for your partner and accept your partner’s thoughts. A relationship dwells well when each partner concerns each other’s opinions and behavior rather than taking everything to quench your ego. It is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail despite having love at its core.

  1. Never pass the blame

Relationships always require selfless thoughts and acceptance of who you are and how your partner behaves. The ability to say sorry when you have done something wrong is undoubtedly one of the most prominent aspects of a successful emotional relationship. If you feel “sorry” is not in your dictionary, it means that you’re blaming your partner, which is not always the case.

To have a successful relationship, partners need to admit their mistakes and try apologizing for them. Always remember that you are not in a competition, and you are not competing with your partner. Besides, if saying sorry can save your relationship, it is undoubtedly the best thing to do. 

  1. Living in the past

As all relationships come across ups and downs at some point in time, it is bound to gather happy and sad moments. You may encounter bad moments along the way, such as conflicts and arguments, but it is a part of every relationship. However, many develop negative emotions for their partners for past incidents and happenings, which is very dangerous for your relationship.

You have to give each other time and sort out differences; otherwise, negative emotions give birth to jealousy and resentment, which ruin your relationship. It would be best to get rid of these negative feelings by communicating and being open with your partner. This communication will help you to resolve all pending issues and ensure a healthy relationship.

  1. Neglecting your interests

It is undoubtedly a good idea to share hobbies and interests in a relationship, but taking some time to pursue your pursuits is equally crucial. Each individual has their goals and aims set in life, but some tend to sacrifice them to please their partners. This behavior slowly diminishes an individual’s identity, and partners will feel less connected in a relationship.

LiveTray believes that having a unique identity in a relationship helps couples connect better. Partners have more to converse at the end of the day, and they will feel the importance of each other’s company even more. If you give up on your interests, you will summon negative thoughts, including frustration and lack of motivation, which can ruin your relationship.

  1. Never take your partner for granted

When you choose a life partner, you vow to take care and love your partner for the rest of your life. While many relationships put this theory into action, some fail to keep their promises. The promise begins to fall as you start taking your partner for granted.

When you start taking your partner for granted, your relationship starts heading the other way. The qualities you found adorable while you had affections for your partner slowly begin to crumble, and negative emotions begin to take over your mind. To make your relationship remain healthy and grow stronger, you must appreciate your partner’s qualities and prove your love throughout your journey together. Ignoring this step may cause complications and ruin your relationship without giving any warnings.

  1. Misunderstandings and lack of communication

It is a universal truth that a relationship remains healthy when partners are open and dedicated to each other. A relationship can take a hit if you or your partner exhibits a lack of interest in communicating, giving birth to misunderstandings and negative feelings.

Life throws obstacles at everyone at some point in time. Whether it is a career-oriented aspiration or a personal problem, you need to have clear communication with your partner to avoid misunderstandings. While many absorb this problem with proper conversations, some may ruin their relationship, and it is a big issue to address.


While relationships happen in heaven, partners are the ones that keep it going. Taking time for each other and communicating can help you to maintain a healthy relationship. Avoiding confrontation and respecting each other’s thoughts is another way of not ending your relationship prematurely. It is also extremely important to choose the right age for marriage. Read here about this fascinating article.