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7 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You


They put you down in front of others. This is one of the most painful things your partner can put you through. It’s not only demeaning, but it also shows your partner does not care about your feelings or emotional wellbeing. Public embarrassment, making jokes aimed at hurting one’s pride, could be a display of narcissistic behavior. 

They have no sense of boundaries. Isn’t this annoying? You know, having your partner oblivious of the fact that you too want to be alone sometimes and that you are not up for playing video games or watching a movie because you are tired or you have a splitting headache. What hurts the most is that they don’t bother to ask what is wrong, they just push you to do what they want to do. Or, you clearly said that something bothers you, yet they keep doing it. Disrespect is really that last drop that spills the water out from the glass sometimes, don’t you think? It’s because it hurts and it’s bafflingly annoying at the same time. 

They badmouth your friends and family. If you step up and you set the limits from the start, you clearly show your partner what things are off their grid, what things are within it you allow. When a person dares to disrespect you or your family or friends, they know they can get away with their behavior, and they will keep doing it. Let your partner know they should accept your circle of people – they are the ones that raise you, the ones you grew up with, and if they don’t like them, too bad! There is nothing you can do about it.

They want everything their way. How can you tell the difference between hitting a rough patch in a relationship and a relationship that just isn’t working? Respect, yes. You may be swinging for the fences, but what if your partner isn’t putting in the effort on their side? What if they only acknowledge their own needs and never compromise? That’s a sign of disrespect right there. For a relationship to thrive, partners should meet halfway.

They never ask for your opinion. If your partner doesn’t bother asking for your opinion, it’s very likely they don’t care for it. Our partners should want to listen to our advice and our opinion, not because it’s the best out there or the brightest, but because they care to hear it. 

They are way too critical. Going down that judgment lane is everything but pleasant. I know how you feel. There are people that will push you against the wall with their reproaching looks and critical words. It sucks bearing that feeling of not being enough on your shoulders. If they constantly mention your wrongdoings, mistakes of the past, or your flaws, that’s not only disrespectful and judgmental, that’s a little toxic too.

They are not kind to you. Respect is a two-way street. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone through that one-way street and felt miserable. I have left myself to be in a relationship that was not good for me too long only because I thought things would change. If you are giving respect, you should receive it back. I didn’t. So if you are feeling like you are the only one, please don’t because you are not and it is NOT your fault. Don’t blame yourself for something others are not doing.  

You know, the important thing is to speak up and not let it happen again. It’s really important to fight for yourself because you deserve to be treated right, because if you don’t, who else will, darling? If your partner is not being nice to you in any way, if there is no kindness and affection, you shouldn’t continue being in that relationship. I mean, is it really so hard to be nice? At the end of the day, you are just asking for a little care and affection.