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7 Things Parents Should Know About the Co-Sleeping Debate


When the discussion is on parenting one of the hottest topics is undoubtedly Co-sleeping. Every single parent does have a different opinion in this regard which makes this topic a highly debated one. Many say that co-sleeping helps in creating a natural bonding experience with the baby and also ensures each one of them gets a peaceful night’s sleep. But there are some precautions which are must to taken by the parents opting for co-sleeping. Here we will make an effort to explain 7 Things Parents Should Know About the Co-Sleeping Debate. So, co-sleeping parents scroll down to know more…

  1. Co-sleeping helps your baby breathes well: Bed-sharing help babies to breathe slowly and easily. Baby’s cardio-respiratory systems are not completely matured when they take birth, and they need to struggle sometimes to breathe. Experts say babies follow their mother’s breathing rhythm. It’s true that babies breathe faster than any grownups, but parents’ slower pace of breathing helps them to calm down and find a rhythm.
  2. Co-sleeping reduces stress in infants: One key benefit of co-sleeping is that it supports reducing the stress levels in babies. You need to understand that, when parents co-sleep with babies they get the scope to respond faster to the infant’s crying than moving to another room to attend. Stress factor exists in babies too and so co-sleeping with babies calms them down faster.
  3. Co-sleeping makes it easy for a mother to breastfeed: Bed-sharing makes it easy for a mother to breastfeed. The best part is that the mother actually doesn’t need to completely stay awake for feeding her hungry baby at night. children sharing a bed with their mother most likely continue breastfeeding for a longer period. Both mother and child get quality sleep for staying close and she doesn’t need to compromise with her bed comfort to feed the baby.
  4. Share the bed safely with your baby: If you are going for sharing a bed with the baby then you need to look at safety factors. For example, we recommend you to remove pillows and blankets which can spill off the baby’s head. You avoid taking drugs, alcohol and even smoking before hitting the bed as it may cause discomfort for the baby.  Sleep with one child in your bed and better you take  Baby Co-Sleepers for your baby attached to your bed. Don’t forget to provide the ultimate comfort for your little one with high-quality swaddles designed to ensure a peaceful and secure sleep environment like this one with Caden Lane.
  5. Co-sleeping is not a way to spoil your child: For new moms, it’s basically impossible to spoil the baby. Babies or infants have certain needs which the mother must meet. Secondly, the baby comfortably settles down on the bed when they sleep next to mom. They calm down faster when they get the smell of their mother’s milk. Co-sleeping gives the scope to baby to sleep close to mother with a great feeling of comfort
  6. Co-sleeping makes babies more independent when they grow up: Many people argue that co-sleeping makes it difficult for the child to settle down in another room when they grow up and never learn to be independent. Technically, it’s not true. Many studies proved how children who used to sleep in parents’ beds as babies are more independent in life and less afraid when compared to children who did not go for co-sleeping.
  7. Dangers and risks are part of co-sleeping: You may think that after sharing so many positive things about co-sleeping why we indicate danger and risk. Well, the fact is that we don’t recommend co-sleeping always because there are few dangers associated with it if precautions are not taken. In deep sleep, a parent may roll right on the baby. Aside from this, even the arms of a parent might fall on the babyface leading to suffocation. There are many other things that can cause risk to a baby life. If required precautions for safety are taken to avoid such instances, then co-sleeping is strongly recommended.