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7 Things How To Clean Your Aura


Here is a list of 7 things that will teach you how to clean your aura:


Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Bloodstone are among the gems protecting your aura and keeping it in check. Apart from blocking negative energy, these crystals are known for having healing powers as well. These crystals absorb not only negativity, but they are also excellent blood cleansers, they amplify circulation in the body; they give you peace, and they boost your creativity. Wearing them around your neck as a pendant will increase your peaceful state of mind. Before putting your gem on for the first time, it’s best to expose it to sunlight for a few hours or flush it using clean, cold water for a few minutes. 


Meditate as often as you can. You will get better at it with time. Find that white light from within. Emotions are transient, don’t let them govern your life and intoxicate your aura. Breathe the positivity by sifting through those grains of negativity stifling your growth. (1)


Much like crystals, the salt is a powerful cleaner and absorber of negativity. Put it in a corner of your room or smudge your apartment with it and wait for the benefits. It’s best to use Himalayan salt, also known as pink salt. 


Breathe in. Breathe out. Think of all the positivity you want to acquire. Now think of all that weighs you down. Be honest. Don’t hide anything from yourself. Imagine you have rose petals in your hands. Blow them off until nothing remains. Let all your worries and anxieties be carried by the wind of breath. Relieve yourself from everything that’s hurting your soul. Repeat this until you leave all the bad behind once and for all. 


You hang out with a friend. Afterward, you feel drained and exhausted. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Cut all ties with people that intoxicate your life. They block your happiness, so it’s not a bad thing to try and get your distance or set boundaries. They block your aura and you feel trapped, worn out, angry, or simply tired. That has to stop for you to seize your full potential.


Take a bath sprinkled with pink salt. Take your time and enjoy. Pour yourself a sour cherry fresh juice. It’s a great way to pump up some vitamin C. Sour cherries are powerful antioxidants;  cleanse not only your mind but your body too and do some rose petals visualization or meditate. Try not to think of anything and set your brain on a mini vacation. If you have to think of something, make sure it’s something relaxing. A day at the beach with a huge cocktail in a pineapple…anything that makes you happy. This will positively influence your mind. After a while, you will naturally reject the negativity some people carry.  


Flavor your foods with these two ingredients. They are healers of the body and have anti-inflammatory properties. Take good care of your body for it to reciprocate. Sometimes everything starts with the physical.