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8 Perfect Comebacks To Put Arrogant People In Their Place

how to put people in their place

How to put arrogant people in their place?

If you’ve ever dealt with an arrogant person, and I’m sure you have since they lurk around every corner, then you know how hard it is to handle their fake superiority and snotty behavior. 

Their entitlement, inflated self-esteem, haughty attitude, and lack of empathy make them insufferable.  To show that they’re smarter than and superior to you, they can brag for hours about their achievements and successes and about what an amazing life they have.

Arrogant people can literally ruin your entire day unless you are equipped with a couple of clever comebacks.

Here are 8 comebacks that will help you put arrogant people in their place(And save yourself from their negative energy):

1. “Can you explain once and for all why you think you’re such a big deal?”

Arrogant people consider themselves more important and better than other people and they feel they’re entitled to special treatment. So, next time you notice that some arrogant person is acting like they’re superior to you, just ask them this question and watch them blush.

2. “There’re other points of view, you know that, right?”

Arrogant people tend to be self-opinionated too. They always have something negative to say about other people and they firmly believe that their own opinions are the only correct ones.

This characteristic of theirs makes them truly insufferable, especially when they try to impose their negative opinion of other people on you.

So, when you see that someone is trying to do the same thing to you, just make sure you use this comeback and remind them that there are many who disagree with their opinion.

3. “Now why would you say such a thing?”

To boost their ego and make themselves look better than the rest, rude, arrogant people will try to denigrate everyone who has different beliefs and opinions from them and even belittle them. They have no problem spreading malicious gossip and all kinds of lies about others.

So, when you notice that someone is trying to engage you in this kind of conversation, don’t hesitate to call them out on their behavior and let them know that you have no intention of playing their game of denigrating others.

4. “You know that saying such things makes you sound arrogant, right?”

Why would you tolerate someone’s rudeness, derogatory comments about others, and haughty attitude when you can call them out on their behavior and easily put them in their place by using this comeback?

By using this comeback, you’ll let the arrogant person know that you have no intention whatsoever to put up with the bullsh*t they’re saying.

5. “Ouch! That really hurt!”

Arrogant people have no filter. They just blurt out their thoughts without any consideration for the person standing opposite them and others as well.

So, if some arrogant person is saying things to you that are rude, condescending, and mean, and thereby hurting your feelings, don’t think twice about using this comeback.  This will definitely make them realize the harm they’re causing you.

6. “You know that my father/mother is …, don’t you?”

As I said, to elevate themselves, rude, arrogant people will try to put others down in whatever way they can. They’ll try to judge and criticize others on the basis of their gender, education, job, sexual orientation, and you name it.  

When you’re in the company of someone who is belittling others and you’re fed up with listening to hostile stereotypes, you can easily put an end to this by suggesting that some loved one of yours belongs to the group the insolent and haughty person is denigrating or making fun of.

Don’t doubt that this comeback will make them realize that their disrespectful, inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.

7. “Oh, I am sure that you didn’t mean to sound so insolent.”

Well, most probably, that’s exactly what they meant to sound like. Anyway, although by using this comeback, you’ll allow the rude person to justify their behavior, you’ll also let them know that you disagree with their opinion and that they should watch their mouth.

8. “Please, just shut up!”

You might think this is rude, but, at the end of the day, that’s the way the haughty person started the conversation. In fact, that’s the only way they talk with others.

So, even if “shut up” is not an expression that you’re used to saying, don’t hesitate to say it when you want to make someone stop saying hurtful and insulting words.