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8 Top Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath


Ah… those empaths – the natural healers of the world. These people possess a unique gift that enables them to sense other people’s feelings and energy and even feel them as if they were their own.

I guess when you hear the word empath, the first thought that pops into your head is of an overly sensitive, fragile person.

However, you should know that their compassionate nature, highly developed intuition, and ability to feel more deeply and intensely than other people is actually something that no one should ever take as a weakness.

Empaths are the best at reading body language and your mind too. They can detect a person’s real nature just by looking at them. This ability enables them to protect themselves from all kinds of phony, manipulative, dishonest people.

So, know that no matter how hard you try to hide your feelings, thoughts, and intentions from someone who is an empath, you’ll never succeed. Oh, and yes, if by any chance you ever think about lying to an empath, let alone cheat on them, know that you will get busted even before you think about doing that.

Here are 8 top reasons why you should never mess with an empath:

1. They know when you’re acting around them.

Empaths can’t stand when a person is pretending to be someone they’re not. When these people truly care about and respect someone, they accept them as they are – with all their flaws and weaknesses.

So, if you already know someone who is an empath and want to keep them in your life, then make sure you are always yourself. Always show your real feelings, opinions, and intentions, and you can be sure that the empath will appreciate this a lot and make you feel comfortable in your own skin even more.

2. They’re the best human lie detectors.

Empaths possess this unique gift to detect lies from a mile. They don’t need to learn specific tactics so as to identify when someone is lying to or trying to manipulate them.

All they have to do is just look at a person and their gut will tell them whether they’re liars, hypocrites, or manipulators.

3. They can tell when you’re jealous.

Empaths can easily sense when you are jealous, no matter how hard you try to hide this from them. However, in order not to make you feel uncomfortable, they’ll pretend like they don’t notice it and they’ll even try not to do anything that could arouse jealousy in you.

4. They can tell when you hate them too.

If you don’t like them, empaths don’t have to wait for you to tell them that – they can sense that themselves. So, if an empath notices that this is how you feel about them, this time they won’t pretend that they don’t notice it. Instead, they’ll distance themselves completely from you.

5. They can’t stand fake flattery.

Empaths can spot flatterers from a mile. They find them so irritating, negative, and insufferable.

So, if by any chance you think that if you shower them with compliments and sweet words, you’ll take advantage of their kindness and compassionate nature and get what you want from them, know that you’re awfully wrong. They’ll notice your true intentions right away.

6. They can tell if you have prejudices.

An empath can easily see if you hold prejudices towards a certain race, religious group, gender, or someone’s sexual orientation.

Empaths can’t stand shallow, judgmental people who have negative, unjustified opinions and attitudes towards people who are different from them. And they never hesitate to show that.

7. They can sense when you’re not okay.

If an empath sees that something is weighing you down, they won’t hesitate to ask you if you’re okay and if they can help you in any way.

And if you attempt to hide your real feelings and state of mind when you’re going through a rough time, know that the empath won’t fall for this.

So, instead of telling them something like: “I’m fine” when you’re actually really worried or sad, tell them how you really feel and accept their help.

8. They know when you’re being self-destructive.

It’s not difficult for an empath to sense if you’ve gone astray and become self-destructive. If this happens, they won’t allow you to continue behaving like this. Instead, they’ll do their best to help you get back on the right track.