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9 Tips to Help You Get Over Break-up Quickly


Breaking up is such a painful thing to go through, and it’s even harder to move on from it. The difficulty to do so varies hugely depending on how long you’ve been together, whether you’ve lived together, or why you broke up in the first place. That’s why it’s quite understandable why most people who are going through the same thing want to move on as quickly as possible. They want to end the torture and pain they are going through.

If you are one of those people who are currently trying to move on right now, here are 9 ways to help you get over a break-up quickly.

Let it out

It’s okay to cry. Let it out and express your pain and anger. The best way to get over the pain quickly is to feel it and not stop yourself from expressing what you feel. In the early stage of break-up, cry as much as you want and talk to people you trust so you have someone who will listen to you and say cute words to make you better.

Never lose your self-esteem

Never ever think that the break-up was because you are not enough. The relationship didn’t work because the circumstance didn’t allow it. That’s all there is to it. Never allow any person to trample of ruin your self-esteem. A damaged confidence and esteem get in the way of your performance on other tasks. Don’t let this ruin other aspects of your life. It’s not worth it. You are not defined by the success or love failure of your relationships.

Keep your mind off of thinking and remembering memories with your ex. It’s not going to help you. These memories will only give you false hopes of getting back together. Keep yourself occupied but not busy—unless of course it’s work. The reason why it’s recommended to be occupied and not busy is because the quality of self-love you give to yourself. You give time and focus on yourself more when you keep yourself occupied. But if you keep yourself busy (or too busy), you tend to put all your attention to whatever you are doing and less on yourself. You don’t want to suddenly lose consciousness of fatigue, I assume. Focus on your hobbies or better yet, find a new one (if you used to do your hobby with your ex before, it’s better to momentarily stop doing it). Spend time with the people you love including your family and friends

Get rid of anything that will remind you of your ex

You don’t need any memorabilia from your ex, but if you are not really the type who gets affected by these memorabilia, then keeping them should be fine. It’s just that for other people, it gets harder for them to move on when they see things that remind them of their ex. For the things your ex gave you, if you are fine with keeping it, go ahead but try to keep it away from sight. If you plan to get rid of it, you can either give them back to your ex, or sell them away.

Talk to family and friends

Remember that you have friend and family. Try saying good morning to everyone by different ways, it will make you feel like you’re with everyone and not alone in this. Some of your friends may have been in a similar situation so it will really help you if you can talk about it with anyone who can relate. Talk to your friends and be occupied with them. Let your family know what is going—that you’ve recently broken up with your ex—so that they won’t worry so much. Give the people you love the assurance that you are going to be fine.

The time you spent in the relationship is a time spent and distributed 50-50 for you and for the relationship. Now that you are single, focus more on yourself. Pamper yourself more. Go on dates with yourself. Do self-care. Spend money for yourself. Give extra care and attention to yourself whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how much you will glow even after going through a tough break-up.

Give yourself a time

Don’t rush into moving on. Move on at your own pace, but make sure you are making progress. You can’t get stuck at one single point and not move forward enough. You can’t also give-up midway and beg your ex to come back to you because that will be very pathetic. Heal at your own pace and take your time doing other things that will keep you occupied.

You are worth it. It’s just that things happen when couples cannot handle the problems. The break-up does not in any way lessen your worth. The emptiness you feel is not because a part of you is missing due to the break-up; it’s because you got used to the relationship that everything else feels new to you. Other than that, it has nothing to do with your worth as a person (unless of course you cheated). Knowing your worth prevents you from self-pity and decrease of elf-esteem. It also prevents you from doing detrimental things to yourself. Knowing your worth is a personal development you can always look ack into.

Remember why you broke up

There is a reason why you broke up, and that reason is not that simple, otherwise, you bot would not think of breaking up in the first place, right? Remember the reason why you broke up. Remember that it happened for a reason and if you didn’t break up, it could have gotten worse, Just think of this break-up as intervention that kept you away from something worse. The most important is remember why you broke up and do better on your next one. While you give yourself a time to move on, you can also check out these motivational tamil quotes to help you with your moving on.

We all have our own ways of coping up and forgetting especially when we are dealing with break-up. Moving on is really easier said than done, so the best way is to really take your time and not rush into things yet, especially into a new relationship when you know that you still haven’t moved on from your previous one. Clinging into your failed relationship will not do you any good, so it’s best to move on from it. But whatever your ways of moving on from a break-up, remember to always put yourself first—that’s the point of moving on.

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