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A Useful Tip: How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener Or A Knife


Imagine this situation: You’re camping in the woods. You’re hungry and the only food you’re carrying in your backpack is a can of tuna (or soup, or beans, or whatever). And just as you’re about to open it, the can opener breaks. And that’s not all – you don’t have a spoon or knife with which you could open the can.

So, the question is: How are you going to open it?

Well, don’t worry – you aren’t going to have to spend the rest of the day hungry because we have one easy, practical solution.

Popular YouTuber ‘The Crazy Russian Hacker’ has posted a video in which he explains how to open any kind of can without a knife or any type of tool. And no, to do this, you don’t need to possess magical powers. Instead, all you need is your hands and a piece of concrete.

Here’s the video.