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All You Need to Know About Opal Jewelry


Every person in the world has their own preferences when jewelry is concerned. While some are more than happy with wearing just a single pair of earrings, others prefer a more layered look. Moreover, while some people prefer jewelry made of real platinum, gold, or silver, others don’t mind wearing pieces made of clay.

All of this was to say that our preferences regarding jewelry pieces are entirely individual. But for all of you gemstone lovers out there – here’s a real treat. Today, we’re going to talk about all you need to know about opal jewelry. 

What is opal?

Opal is a gemstone that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the piece, it can vary in color as well. Opals are usually pale, milky-white gemstones that feature numerous different hues. These can vary from pale blue and primrose, all the way to pitch black, rich green and vivid blue. Another interesting thing is that these additional pops of color can flesh red, gold, blue and green when exposed to a light source. Such a uniquely looking gemstone earned its popularity thanks to its unusual nature alone. That being said, it becomes quite obvious why so many people simply seem to adore jewelry pieces that contain the opal. 

Are there different types?

As mentioned earlier, opal can significantly vary in both color and size. What this means is that there are, of course, many different types of opal. For instance, black opal is one of the rarest and most expensive types of opal on the market. However, many people seem to prefer white opals instead. Not only are they far more affordable but their color scheme simply looks more delicate and feminine in nature. There is also a huge difference between Ethiopian opal and opal mined from other places in the world. Unlike many of its counterparts, Ethiopian opal is actually far more beautiful and – most importantly – durable. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on jewelry pieces that feature this beauty try this resource.

How to recognize real opal?

As with anything else in the world, people have found a way to make even the smallest of pieces of opal work. That’s how opal doublets and triplets came to be. These use a technique of combining natural opal with man-made pieces. An opal doublet is made by adhering a slice of opal to a dark backing with the goal of emphasizing the beauty of the stone. An opal triplet is made the same way but it contains an additional layer of glass, plastic or quartz on top of the opal. So, while every variant on the market actually contains real opal, they can significantly vary in value. Of course, opal doublets and triplets aren’t nearly as valuable as real, solid opals. Also, doublets are generally more valuable than triplets, as they usually contain greater concentration of the solid stone.

Superstitious and magical healing properties

In the Middle Ages, particularly in Europe, opal was believed to bring good luck. It is presumed that this superstition came to fruition thanks to the opal’s variety in colors and natural beauty. Since opal contained all the different colors it was believed that it also contains all the positive properties of every other gemstone. Of course, this made it quite a popular choice amongst the rich. Nowadays, opal is commonly used in crystal healing. Different colors and types of opal are used to heal different conditions. If you look at it from a spiritual standpoint, with its look, opal teaches us that even the smallest of pieces contain the sum of (the entire rainbow) everything that’s happening in the world around us.

So, if you’re looking to add a beautiful piece of jewelry to your collection, check out some stunning opal jewelry pieces. Trust us, not only will it live up to your expectations but it will even exceed them.